Zombie Emperor
Zombie Emperor-0
Creator Marvel Zombies The Conqueror
Creation December 9th, 2017 (concept)
Debut My first tf2 freaks : Zombie Emperor
Type Zombie
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Malevolent

Sadistic Aggressive

Fighting style Melee


Abilities Mind Rape



Soul Absorbent


Weaknesses Undead-ness

Limited fighting style

Status Alive
Occupation Commander
Superiors N/A
Subordinates Zombie Empire
Allies N/A
Enemies almost everyone
Zombie Emperor-1

Zombie Emperor is a BLK Soldier TF2 Freak created by Marvel Zombies The Conqueror.

His theme is March On by Ethan Meixsell.
Zombie Emperor


Zombie Emperor appears as a Soldier with a military uniform (Flakcatcher) and also a cape. Sometimes, he goes with or without a helmet when he is on the battlefield.

His eyes are completely red, as if he were possessed.


Before he became Zombie Emperor, He was a RED soldier who was named Darius, an expert of battle who was part of a legion called The Liberators. In 2030, The Liberators would recapture the planet Mars, which was taken by a dictator named General Zog. Zog and his henchmen wanted to dominate Earth since the battle on planet Mars. Darius was the only one who managed to enter the base to stop Zog. But something went wrong. A terrifying freak, unknown to anyone, came inside the base and killed everyone in its way. It attacked Darius when it crossed his path. At first, he resisted against this freak, But he ended up being killed in turn. After 3 years, during his burial, Helena, Darius' wife, wanted her husband back in this world. She summoned the devil, who gave a Darius soul that came from a parallel dimension Earth. When Helena put the soul in her husband, an unimaginable transformation reacted in the body of Darius. He was alive, but his appearance changed. He had became a zombie. Darius was no more, but he had chosen a new name: Zombie Emperor. He had two things in mind: Build his empire by creating a huge army of zombies to dominate the universe, and thirst for revenge in finding the freak that had killed him.

Behavior and Personality

Before his death he was a brave, respective, brilliant and very smart man since he had military experience. He had received many honors in several wars. But, after his transformation, he became malicious, aggressive, angry and especially terrifying because of his zombie-like appearance.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mind Rape: Zombie Emperor can damage minds by displaying horrible images to enemies.
  • Necromancy: The ability to resurrect the dead. Most are people he has slain in battle, and follow to their (re)death.
  • Manipulation: Manipulate enemies by making believable lies.
  • Soul Absorbent: Absorb the souls of the living to heal and to use against opponents.
  • Teleportation: Self explanatory.

Faults and Weaknesses

He could easily be slain via healing abilities, since he is undead.

If one of his opponents disregards magic, he has no extra fighting abilities.


Notable Videos

By the creator of the freak

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Garry's Mod Zombies Saga ( Comic only )

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