Yellow Apidae
Yellow Apidae profile
Creator St Scotty
Creation 2nd January 2019
Type Hybrid (half-alien, half-human)
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Cheerful, Strong-willed, just, carefree
Fighting style Close Range to Mid Range (about 6 meters via telekinesis)
Abilities Pure Australium Power (via her helmet)
  • Advance Telekinesis
  • Superhuman condition
  • Flight
  • Australium Absorption
  • P.A mode
Weaknesses Dark Australium as Kryptonite

Completely helpless if the helmet was separate

Can be harmed by magics

selfless act might cost her

Status Alive
Occupation Superhero (currently)

YLW scout (joined at 17, retired at 18)

Allies Colonel Order



Enemies Lord Tippler (former ally)

Cosmo Thanatos

Jennifer 'Jenna' Rees aka Yellow Apidae is retired TF2 YLW scout became a superhero and one of the heroes who stood up against Sovereign of Undead Demons, Cosmo Thanatos. She was created by YouTube user: St Scotty.

Her theme is Undertale OST - Hope and Dreams


Yellow Apidae is YLW scout wears Pure Australium Gold Lightning Lid with Deus Specs alongside custom skin Flight of the MonarchFlunkyware sharing the reminiscence of Apidae bee.

Personality & Behaviour

Yellow Apidae is usually seen as serious demeanour but she's actually cheerful and strong-willed woman. Due to her carefree attitude, Apidae spends most of her time watch over other mercs from malevolent freaks and monsters. She also has a strong sense of justice and willing to accept anyone even if they're former criminal tried to redeem themselves due to being identified as a hybrid. She's also willing to oppose against Authority if they attempt to do shady business behind regular mercenaries' back. Despite her strong-willed, Apidae used to be naive and clueless when she enlisted to YLW mercenary at age 17 and her time-fighting as 7 Heroes. But after retiring at 18 and battle against Cosmo, she becomes more matured and able to handle responsibility well in every situation.

Powers & Abilities

For starters, Apidae may have no superpower. But when she puts on Pure Australium Helmet, she becomes a formidable powerhouse freak. Under the power of Pure Australium, Apidae had superhuman strength, speed, endurance, durability and stamina. She's strong enough to overpower Heavy Bot Captain Punch with a single strike and stop the tank with ease. Her durability is also proven to be effective as she can survive the barrage of critical boost rockets and survive sentry buster's point-blank explosion. On top of her conditions, Apidae also enables to fly. However, she has little experience with it so she makes up for it with telekinesis.

Her main ability is her advance telekinesis. Unlike CyborMedic, she can't morph anything while having Pure Australium on her hand. Despite this, Apidae able to make up for several telekineses such as flight, combat, teleportation and healing minor wounds. On top of that, she can absorb Pure Australium through gold bars.

Her strongest ability is her Pure Australium mode aka P.A mode. This ability boosting her strength, speed and flight on a higher level. Although it doesn't boost her telekinesis, she can absorb Pure Australium energy, object whenever she's hit or energy projection. However absorbing energy doesn't make her stronger, in fact, it's her sheer stong-will make her nearly unstoppable.

  • Yellow Apidae's half body view
  • Yellow Apidae's flight ability through Pure Australium helmet
  • Yellow Apidae in her Pure Australium Mode (P.A mode)

Faults & Weakness

Although she's nearly unstoppable, she's not invincible. Her power can only last depends on her Pure Australium helmet.

  • Due to her helmet being the source of her power, removing the helmet ended up strip her power away from her, making her completely helpless.
  • Most of her telekinesis only effective at 6 meters range.
  • On top of that she can be harmed by magic and killed by Dark Australium as it shared similar weakness to Australium Saxton.
  • Due to her heroic deeds, she's willing to put others for safety before herself. This makes smarter villains able to use hostages as bait while setting traps against Apidae.


  • Yellow Apidae's name reference come from many such as Bumblebee (Transformer) and Bumblebee (DC).
  • Yellow Apidae actually recruited at 16 through cadet academy before enlisted to join YLW mercenary at age 17.
  • Yellow Apidae is inspired by DC comic heroes, Supergirl through her personality and Bumblebee (DC) through her design. She's also inspired by Carol Danvers aka Ms Marvel (Marvel).
  • Yellow Apidae is a fan of New Orleans Saints.
  • Yellow Apidae is currently early 20s prior during New Era Emerges event.
Yellow Apidae's Portrait

Yellow Apidae's initial design

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