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Creator McBuster
Creation August 15,2017(idea)
August 18,2017 (debut)
Debut Yedic Attacks {Gmod}
Type Feral
Alignment Chaotic Natural
Attitude Creepy
Fighting style Short to Long ranged
melee(if needed)
Abilities Super Scream
Ear rape laugh
inhuman fitness
Weaknesses weak claws
feral minded
low durability
Status Alive
Occupation Inventor(formerly)
Allies The Janitor

Yedic was created by starter YouTuber McBuster TF2 Freak

his passive theme is Left 4 Dead - Main theme (Piano)

and his attack theme is Left 4 Dead - Metalized Tank Theme


He appears to be a normal RED Medic

Personality and Behavior

Before he was the freak he is now he was a benevolent Medic trying to invent new ideas, weapons and robots.

But after an incident, he went feral, attacking those who point any form of weaponry at him. And it is unknown if he takes the bodies of his victim.

Powers and Abilities

Yedic's main form of attack a very loud scream that causes mini explosions turning those he scream at into a bloody mess.

Yedic has another form of attack but at close range when he laughs it cause the victim to have brain trauma or/and detonates their cranium.

When Yedic screams have to recharge, he'll use his "claws" and teeth to fight back. And with his inhuman fitness he can pick up Soldiers easily.

Yedic still owns his old Bonesaw but rarely uses it.

Faults and Weakness

Yedic Screams are powerful yet not very effective at high-ranking freaks and robots.

Yedic still tries to keep his feral mind from taken over because he'll be heading into dangerous areas without thinking and challenge stronger opponents.

While Yedic has inhuman fitness, he still has the durability of a normal human.


Despite killing some people in his rage he's just very misunderstood and hates it when weapons are pointed at him.

Most of his videos are silent due to the creator's lack of knowledge to put sound in his videos.

Notable Videos

By the Creator of the Freak

Yedic Attacks {Gmod}

Yedic's hunters

By the Community

{GMOD} Yedic Attacks! (Resounded)

{GMOD} Freaks VS Machine(Part 1)

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