Engineer emblem RED
"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Xemnu undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Cosmic Devil
Creator Blastertronus
Creation Unknown
Debut Welcome to the Apocalypse, Episode 0: Epilogue
Type Artificial SuperIntelligence
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Stoic
Affably Evil
Fighting style Close Range
Abilities Virtual Warping
Soul Destruction
Meta Power Immunity
Real World Enforcement
Tactical Genius
Weaknesses none
Status Active
Occupation Head of Tribulation Z
Allies Cosmo Thanatos (Possibly)
Enemies Polaris

Xemnu is space themed Supervillain and The Major antagonist of Super Polaris's Crazy Adventure XL and A Top Member of the organization known as The Court of Tribulation and is an Alien from a parallel Mars

his Idel theme is Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts&Bolts LOGBOX 720 Theme

His Battle theme is Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes OST - White Sheepman


Xemnu Is a Again, Alien from a parallel Mars who sent to this Earth to terraform it, as His home mars was Destroyed after A nuclear Holocaust.


Xemnu is Calm, Stoic, Smart, and Ruthless, having a warped and skewed up mindset of the world in is willing to forcibly removed millions if not billions from the world, and building over their bodies to further his grasp to achieve his goal for The Rebirth of his homeworld, and his logic is irrational and violent, and sees death as a feasible means to an end. Though despite this He is rather kind to his subordinates as he believes that Mistreatment equals betrayal.


Xemnu is a blu Burgundy medic with a captain spaceman, Kriegsmaschine-9000, Second Opinion, Der Wintermantel in the Gramma's Sweater Hidden style, Scrap pack, and the Lo-Grav Loafers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Virtual Warping - Xemnu can (on a small scale) manipulate reality by instructing it in a way similar to that of instructing computers. He can instruct reality to produce any kind of material and phenomena, and erase and modify them as well. At sufficiently high levels, he able to reconfigure the structures of reality and redefine its rules at will yet this effect is only temporary.
  • Real World Enforcement - If an individual or more is Inside the 25 meters circle around Xemnu, he can enforce the laws and attributes of the real world inside that area, changing the laws of physics of anything and anyone within that range into the same as real world being and objects and can nullify all supernatural effects even almighty ones.
  • Tactical Genius

Faults and weaknesses


  • He's been name after the Scientology figure "Xenu".
  • He Took heavy inspiration from Xho's freak Overseer.
  • Xemnu Was originally
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