Creator Kyuubiman3
Type Undead Demon
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Cannibalistic, erratic
Abilities Fire Breath
Sonic Scream
Enhanced durability
Death Grab
Moves Faster at night
Can survive while his head cut off
Status Undead
Occupation Serial KIller

Wrex is a RED Pyro TF2 Freak created by Kyuubiman3

His theme is Conker Live & Reloaded OST - Bats


Once a proud Pyro clown he'd work for marasmus at the Carnival of Carnage till one day a BLU medic wanted to make a powerful Freak for is desires and desided to experament on the poor pyro then when he was done Wrex broke free and killed the medic and destroyed the carnival and now waits for his next meal or fresh victims


He is a RED Pyro wearing Bozo's Bouffant, Deadilest Duckling, Head-Headed Hardware and Boo Balloon.


He's always Aggrussive and rude to his victim or meals and alway on the look out for prey that comes to his lair or home he'll attack without question or reason he just wants you eaten by him

Power and Abilities

He has fire breath to set his victim ablaze (and to cook his meals)

His Sonic Scream can kill most of his targets but only strong freak survive it

Has very high durability to take a bomb to the face

His death grab can kill them overtime (if he fails to kill them) only Heath packs, medics and Üder-charged can save them

Teleportion powers can make him very moveable and hard to hit

Night Crawler let's move faster at night (like scout)

Has high durability like demons

He can survive having his head cut off

Faults and Weakness

His death grab only work once a day/night and can kill him too when facing him with his arm

If he keeps using his Teleportion powers he because weaker and starts to bleed from his body

Cutting off his gas tank is the one way to make him weaker

Weak to holy weapons and Australium weapons

He has a very slow movement speed at Day (like Heavy)

he also weak at day time

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