Wireframe Scout
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Creator Cody D. Buni
Creation 22/09/2017
Type Freak
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Cheerful (sometimes), Cynical (mostly)
Fighting style Close-range
Abilities Shape-Shifting,

Enhanced Agility

Weaknesses Degradation (due to damage),

Frail, Poor combat skills

Status Alive
Occupation Wanderer
Wireframe Scout is a wireframe Female Scout freak created by YouTube user Cody D. Buni (Formerly known as CodyPurple).

Her theme song is Aphex Twin - 07 B.

Appearance and Personality

She appears to be a Female Scout with a wireframe rendering, wearing Max's Severed Head and Pyrovision Goggles. Also, she lacks facial expressions due to her nature.

Wireframe Scout is mostly a calm, serious Freak who wanders around the world, acting like an actual human being. However, she's also pretty fond of dancing and doing her usual activities. Sometimes, she's also seem to be cheerful when in good mood.

Powers and Abilities

Her most common ability is the Enhanched Agility, which allows her to dodge certain hazards from rockets to thrown objects such as boulders.

While her second ability allows her to shape-shift into anything including inanimate objects, which allows her to disguise in case of a threat.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Her biggest weakness is degradation when she takes too much damage, in which she'll devolve into a MeeM. (albeit retaining her self-awareness). If she takes a single hit during the said form, Wireframe Scout will die.
    • Also, while taking damage, her voice will glitch up and sometimes, it will (unintentionally) cause Ear Rape (fortunately not to GAYPENlS' extent).
  • Due to her nature of being a Scout, she's very frail regardless her abilities.
  • She deals very poor damage, since she's not used to combat in case of an hostile freak.

    Wireframe Scout's MeeM form as a result after taking too much damage.


  • She's based off from by Vibri, the main character from an obscure 1999 PlayStation rhythm game Vib-Ribbon, in which both of them are wanderers, degrading when taking too much damage and have wireframe-like appearance. Also the fact that Wireframe Scout uses Max's Severed Head really helps alot. The only difference is that the former is very cheerful while the latter is rather cynical.
  • Her theme song was originally going to be Dŵr Budr by Orbital, but it got replaced due to being unfitting for the freak's theme.

Notable Videos

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