Whisper is a RED Scout made by VictorLinear

Whisper 50
Alignment Neutral
Attitude OCD-ish
Fighting style Melee/Ranged
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Weaknesses Is a Perfectionist and will stop fighting to clean stuff if it is disorganized in the slightest bit


Whisper Wears The Hardcore Hairdo, The Rulebreaker, a mercs mask and a Roo Hunter strapped to his back

Whisper has a dark mascara around his eyes


Whisper speaks very softly, being very shy and timid to others. He speaks in a low whisper, like his name replies and isn't very social.

He shows strong signs of OCD

Preferring to do his own thing, getting angry at others for messing up thing that he thinks are organized. If invited to join a party to attack other freaks that pose a threat, he will decline.


Whispers carries a Roo Hunter and a tf2 version of Mjolnir.

Powers and Abilities

Whisper displays average strength, not much else though.

Faults and Weaknesses

Whisper attacks slower than a normal Scout. Seemingly trying to aim properly without missing. Seeing anything out of place, Whisper will try to sort the things out even when fighting someone


Dreadful: Dreadful is a person who tries to make Whispers OCD skyrocket for fun and doesn't care about him at all


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