Engineer emblem RED
"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Vita Jet undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Vita Jet
Nero Jet V2
Creator NovaSector5102
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Calm
Fighting style All-Range
Abilities Teleport
Enhanced Fitness
Electric Aura
Energy Manipulation
Status Active
Occupation Member of the Tornado Skaters
Superiors Jet
Subordinates Members of the Tornado Skaters
Enemies The Alliance

Vita Jet is a GRN member of the Tornado Skaters, that got created by Jet's life energy.


Vita Jet was created by Sorcery, but still became a Chaotic good being. He controls Energy, reality and live. He can Heal but he can't resurrect and bring back souls like Mateo. Though he tries to be better then anyone he knows, he still is a good friend.


Vita Jet is a Magical Fusion of Jet, but after meeting his original counterpart Jet he changed his path, and became a member of the Tornado Skaters.

Vita traveled beyond the mountains, to find his purpose in his life.

There is not a lot of info about him, besides he joined the fight against The Alliance with Pyrorai.


Vita Jet wears the GRN Bolt Boy, Big Mann on Campus and Brink Blades.

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