Viper is a Teamless Sniper TF2 Freak created by YouTube user BigBoss_1984

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Viper relaxing after a genocide.

His calm theme is Kill Bill - Twisted nerve, Or any other David Bowie song.

His Battle theme is Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm (Instrumental) 

Personality and Behaviour

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Viper after returning to trade_plaza, where most of his killings occured.

Viper is a Teamless Sniper equipped with Dual Half Zatochis, The fortified compound, an AWP and the rest of the TF2 Sniper loadout. 

Most of the time, Viper is at his remote apartment, in an abandoned city which he had previously massacred his way through after his 'Awakening'. He spends his time on his computer, customising and testing out weapons, or playing the guitar. If anything were to try and attack or provoke him, he would enter a state of uncontrollable blood-lust, killing everything in sight.

He still remains traumatised by the events of "The black day" which made a permanent scar on his mental state.

Powers and Abilites

Viper recieved his powers from a satanic cannibal hideout when he was called in with a team of 3 other marines to investigate a string of gruesome murders in the area.


He cannot feel pain, so he cannot be stopped once he starts killing.

Any blood he gets on his body, clothes or weapons never dries or goes away.

He has heightened senses, meaning he can anticipate attacks and actions before they are executed, this gives him an extreme advantage in his battles, being able to act on defence or offence almost instantly.

He possesses extreme strength and speed, eg: being able to phsically rip a TF2 soldier in half with his bare hands.

Faults and Weaknesses

Seeing his old marine squadmates can put his mind at rest for a few short moments, leaving him vulnerable to attacks.


Viper was inspired by Jason voorhees and the DOOMguy, hence his uncontrollable urge to kill.

He massacred his way through a nightmare world, similar to Simon Henriksson's book world, which he was

transported to once he entered his trauma induced psychosis.

Viper 2

Even though he does know English, he chooses not to talk.

Has killed the entire RED and BLU team multiple times.

Wears red because it is the colour of blood.

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