Vigilantes' Crusade
Author St Scotty
Genre Action, Adventure
Original run 4 minutes 22 seconds (so far)
No. of episodes 7
Protagonist Neuralyzer

Sputnik Rogue

Heroes Slash Midnighter

Nude Silver Scout

Jade Muffer


Kalfu the Voodoo

Tech Popper

Antagonist Sombre Oracle
Villains Cult of Undead

Boston Bloodbasher

Poltergeist (permission of use)

Dr. Buildinstein (permission of use)

El Invicto

Lady Buccaneer

Lazer Face (permission of use)

Thunderbolt (permission of use)

Others Spectator

Thunderstorm (voice only) (Permission of use)

The Physicus (Mentioned)

Highway Starchild (Mentioned)

Vigilantes' Crusade is an upcoming YouTube Video mini-series through comic-book variant videos under Source Filmmaker. It was created by St Scotty.


During New Era Emerges timeline after Saint leaves with Con, Dr Sexy and Professor Whoa to Freak World. Neuralyzer and Sputnik Rogue decided to enlist the other vigilantes with help from Saintville member, Tech Popper searching for potential defenders against the oncoming invasion from Cult of Undead.


This story is not adequately summarised, but it might get the idea for the whole series.


Sputnik Rogue resumes his patrol as a vigilante, but he encounters an old acquaintance.

Chapter 1: Slash Midnighter

After his quick defeat, Sputnik and Neuralyzer agree to subdue Slash before they could persuade her to join the team.

Chapter 2: Nude Silver Scout

When they discover an ancient-being hidden in Nucleus. Can they convince her to join the fight?

Chapter 3: Punk-A-Nature

Sputnik and Neuralyzer travel to baseball stadium searching for Neuralyzer's son and former protege of Sputnik, Punk-A-Nature. However, they meet their unexpected danger from Red Thugs Pack.

Chapter 4: Kalfu the Voodoo

After learning the location of Kalfu in Mann's Manor, the vigilantes clash against a mad scientist freak trying to steal his book. Can they save Kalfu on time?

Chapter 5: Jade Muffer

When the vigilantes learn Jade being tortured under Cult of Undead, can they find Jade's trail before it went cold?

Final Chapter: Vigilante Crusaders

After saving Jade in Manndarin, Neuralyzer regroups with other vigilantes before pushing back against powerful warlock, Sombre Oracle and the legions from Cult of Undead. Can they put their invasion in delay?

List of Episodes

Vigilantes' Crusade: Prologue

Photo Gallery (Pending)

  • The Vigilantes from left to right: Kalfu the Voodoo, Slash Midnighter, Neuralyzer, Sputnik Rogue, Nude Silver Scout, Jade Muffer, and Punk-A-Nature
  • Chapter 1: Slash Midnighter Concept
  • Chapter 2: Nude Silver Scout Concept
  • Chapter 3: Punk-A-Nature
  • Chapter 4 - Kalfu the Voodoo Concept
  • Chapter 5: Jade Muffer Concept
  • Final Chapter: Vigilante Crusaders Concept


  • This mini-series is coming under New Era Emerges storyline start from after chapter 3 to before chapter 5.
  • This is the series where new freaks are debuted over the main storyline in order to branch out the concept of Saintville Saga.
  • Throughout the storyline, Neuralyzer's Freak family will be introduced from his wife, Spectator and son, Punk-A-Nature.
  • Out of the group, Jade Muffer is the only freak from Freak World while the rest are from another dimension.
  • Slash Midnighter starts out as minor antagonist in Prologue and Chapter 1 before joining the vigilante due to personal issues.
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