The Puppet Master
Creator NovaSector5012
Debut Vexx' Introduction Video
Type Puppet Master
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Clever


Fighting style Long-range
Abilities Puppet Creation


Weaknesses Close Combat
Status Active
Occupation Puppet Creator
Superiors Antier Scout
Subordinates His army of Puppets
Enemies Technomanncer


Vexx is a RED Scout created by NovaSector5102

His Theme is Akatsuki Battle - Shinobi Striker


Vexx was 9 when his parents left to go visit his grandparents, only to never return. Broken by this, he tried to recreate them as puppets. He then discovered his ability to control objects and beings from a distance. This made him mad, knowing he can control others so he can gain power. He eventually decided that normal puppets were boring, so he learned a forbidden and brutal way to convert people into puppets, with their abilities and/or powers.


Vexx wears the Hazy Haircut, the Painted in Blood jacket and the Mad Dog shoes. His eyes are black with yellow and his right arm is extremely pale.

Personality and Behavior

Vexx is a sadistic sociopath, wanting to inflict pain to anyone crossing his path. He's rather confident however in anything he does, even in combat. He is wild, bloodthirsty killer.

Powers and Abilities

Vexx is able to remotely control a person's body like they're a puppet. What makes him dangerous is his huge arsenal of human puppets with weapons and/or powers. He is also capable of turning organic beings into puppets by physical contact. This progress however is quite slow. He possess powerful puppets with magical abilities.

Faults and Weaknesses

Vexx is very weak in close combat and if he doesn't have something to control. His puppet creation can be canceled by stopping his physical contact with the victim before the progress is complete.


Vexx' abilities are inspired by Sasori of the Red Sand from Naruto Shippuden.

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