Creator Pow
Creation 7/10/2015
Type Venomous Being
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Mostly kind
Fighting style Short-medium range
Abilities Venom and acid-related powers
Weaknesses Non-physical attacks
Status Alive
Occupation Hunting GRN
Subordinates Venomous beings
Enemies GRN Team

Venomedic is a poisonous PRL Medic TF2 Freak made by Pow.

His theme is Battle Citadel from the Spiral Knights OST.


Venomedic is a PRL Medic wearing a Blighted Beak and Physician's Protector, both painted Noble Hatter's Violet.

Behaviour and Personality

Venomedic holds a vendetta against anyone in a GRN uniform for unknown reasons. To everybody else, he is kind.

Powers and Abilities

Venomedic has several abilities based on venom or acid.

Poison Gas: Venomedic holds his palm towards an enemy and a column of purple gas will rise on cue, causing anyone inside to be poisoned and, if they are rather weak, choke to death.

Controlling: Venomedic puts his hand on the head of any venomous being, such as a PRL Vagineer, and points towards his target. The venomous being will glow purple and immediately charge towards the unfortunate targer.

Disarmament: Venomedic can quickly and un-noticeably remove a weapon from someone's hands. He can either use the weapon to a certain degree of skill or throw it away.

Dissolving Acids: Venomedic holds a fist towards his target and pushes the other fist away. A Villainous Violet Fire Horns killstreak eye effect will appear, followed by a sphere blocking long-range vision and coating everyone but Venomedic in potent acid. Anyone coated in acid will be lit on fire and weaker Freaks and mercenaries can be burnt to the bone, leaving a glowing red skeleton.

Liquefy Mode: Venomedic will have a purple ubercharge and will glow purple during this time. Most physical matter that touches Venomedic (or Venomedic touches) in this time will be dissolved and deal no harm to Venomedic, making him virtually immune to conventional weaponry.

  • Poison Gas.
  • Controlling a PRL Vagineer.
  • Disarming a Demoknight of his Eyelander.
  • Dissolving Acids.
  • Liquefy Mode.

Faults and Weaknesses

Venomedic has low physical strength and, beside from Liquefy Mode, has no protection.

Also, to prevent being overpowered in Liquefy Mode, Venomedic can still be harmed via non-physical attacks, such as fire, magic and lasers.


  • Pending...
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