Venatores is a TF2 Freak group concept made by Icy guy2.

Military Organization
Leader(s) Helena Gong
Purpose The suffering of Freaks


Somewhere around late 2016, many people harmed by Freaks and events related to them decided to join forces. Their leader was Helena Gong, a woman whose husband had died while working for HECU. During a speech, the humans' base started to shake violently, and a blinding flash of light happened. When it was over, she found a Destruction PDA and a Wrangler.

With a bit of testing, she came to the conclusion that the Wrangler, if shot at something, would destroy it a molecular level (while in reality, it would teleport it to the Alternate Future). The PDA could be used to track things which were sent into the future. It could also wirelessly target something, and send it into the future.

Helena, despite her chance to easily rid the world of Freaks, decided instead that she wanted them to suffer. She assembled a team of Freaks that could kill Freaks instead, allowing for some gladiatory-style entertainment.

She quickly went about kidnapping Ubervizard, Aqua, Jet and Scycho.

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