Killing you is full time job now!
Creator Cody D. Buni
Creation 17/12/2016
Type Bear/Human Hybrid
Alignment Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral (When caught someone damaging the environment)
Attitude Serious, Strict
Fighting style Long and Close Range
Abilities Dubious marksman skills, Fire immunity, Claws
Weaknesses Napalm, Poor aiming, Frail as a normal Heavy
Status Alive
Occupation Environmental Protector
Enemies Pyros, Anyone who attempts to damage the environment
Urso is a violent RED Heavy/Bear hybrid freak created by YouTube user Cody D. Buni.

His neutral theme is Limitless Sound - Aggressive Kids (POSTAL III Soundtrack).

His attack theme is Indonesia - Against My Father (POSTAL III Soundtrack).

Appearance and Personality

He appears to be a RED Heavy/Bear hybrid wearing a Sergeant's Drill Hat, Gone Commando and Sleeveless in Siberia. Also, he's seen carrying Family Business for ranged combat.

Urso spends his time guarding the wildlife in order to make sure if the environment is harmed or not. Not only the environmental damage that makes him aware, but he also despises Pyros, since they use inflammable weapons that can cause wildland fire. The only exception is those who take care of the environment.

However, he'll threaten to punish anyone who damage the environment even if wasn't intentional.

Powers and Abilities

Urso mostly uses the Family Business with slug rounds for the long or close combat with his dubious marksman skills, though he uses it in semi-automatic mode.

His second ability is the immunity to fire (with the exception of Napalm), which protects him from inflammable weapons such as Flamethrowers and Flare guns.

And his last ability is the use of his claws, which allows him to quickly mutilate his target, crippling him/her before severely punishing them for damaging the environment.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • First of all, Urso is vulnerable to Napalm, which causes him to suffer Third/Fourth-degree burning, ending up killing him easily.
  • Every time the Family Business is used in semi-automatic mode, it has a very high recoil, which increases the chance of Urso getting himself knocked out.
  • Urso has a very poor aiming when using firearms, even a Minigun won't make him aim well.
  • Despite being a Heavy/Bear hybrid, Urso is durable as a normal Heavy and very prone to certain ways of dealing damage such as firearms or special abilities like Ear Rape or getting turned into a MeeM.


  • Urso is the first TF2 freak concept to use the "Heavy Weapons Bear" model by the retired Gamebanana user superaldo, which was later hexed for Garry's Mod. You can download the hexed model here.
  • Urso means "Bear" in Portuguese.
  • Urso is based off from the American advertising mascot Smokey The Bear, which on the Internet, the bear is portrayed as a violent figure that will vengeance upon those that damage the environment, knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Sometimes, when killed, Urso's head will be replaced with the Windows 98's Blue Screen Of Death before his entire body gets turned into a random prop such as a Sandvich or a Watermelon (which causes a random Spy to eat him).


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