Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation September-20-2018
Debut Pending
Type Mutant
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Neutral Evil(provoked)
Attitude Friendly
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Strong Jaws & Claws
Healing orb
Peek human fitness and durability
Weaknesses His Medic being in danger
Long ranges
Status Alive
Occupation Gentleman
Glutton Creature (formerly)
Superiors Medic Cleric
Enemies RED Spy Mafia

Pink Terror is a PNK Pyro TF2 Freak conceived by Kyuubiman3.


Was mistakenly Created by a RED Spy with Towering Pillar of Hats who forcely experimented on him by using dark magic to make him into a glutton eating monster but things didn’t go to according to the Spy’s plan as he escaped and killed most of the Spy’s mafia and headquarters now thanks to a Cleric Medic healing his curse now sworn to protect the Medic at all cost.


He’ll look like a normal PNK pyro wear a Exorcizor and Ghastly Gibus (both printed Pink as Hell) until angered or allowed he’ll have Creature’s grin as his true face

Personality and Behaviour

When in normal mode he acts like a true gentleman and Saint trying real hard not to become the monster that he is with the help of his cleric Medic friend.

But when angered if annoyed enough or was hit by something like a rock would make him revival his true nature by opening his mouth and killing said offenders but he can’t or will never kill if his medic is nearby

Powers and Abilities

Pink Terror’s claws and teeth are sharp as he’ll usually ledge at his opponents to rip them to a bloody mess and will swing wildly where his targets are usually standing.

With his time with the Cleric he’s Learned a healing trick from him which was a healing orb to himself and others when needed but it’s Usually small just for a quick pick me up.

He is a little more durable and strong then regular mercenaries as he can pick up a regular Spy with his month and tossing him around like a rag doll

Faults and Weakness

If his Cleric medic is kidnap or captured he’ll do the kidnappers bidding (expect if they’re Spy Mobsters) and he’ll even keep his promise for the medic’s safety

Most of his combat skills are using his claws and teeth so using weaponry fast enough can be useful to depatch him quickly or cause him to run away from the fight

If his Medic is nearby he can’t and will not kill his opponent even if they tried to kill him first it’s because of his moral code he’ll not spill blood when he’s around so smart and Gang like freaks can used this as their advantage.

When Pink Terror starts to get hungry he’ll usually go into a mental breakdown to eat something to satisfy his glutton side and can be led to ambushes in this state and weaker as time goes by leaving him helpless.


This Freak’s story is mostly going to be in Deviantart because the creator can’t animate or edit videos very good Pink Terror is his nickname given from Cleric Medic

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