Author n8five484
Genre Action, Drama
Original run late 2016
No. of episodes 120 episodes
Protagonist Heavy
Heroes Britelight
Antagonist Billy Two Fingers
Villains Basro (Season 3 Antagonist)
Nequam (Season 4 Antagonist)
The Visualizer (Season 5 Antagonist)
Fadkiller (Season 5 Antagonist)

Twelve will be an upcoming YouTube Garry's Mod animation series created by n8five484. It is slated to be released in late 2016.

The series revolves around a Heavy's adventures around the TF2 FreakShow Universe meeting freaks with his friend, the Spy while they fight the main antagonist, Billy Two Fingers who tries along with his servants, who tries to seize control of the TF2 Freakshow Universe.

Twelve has its own main wiki, made by the creator of the series.

The opening theme of the series is First Movement (Allegro) of Brandenburg Concerto Number 3 by Johann Sebastian Bach.


Twelve focus on the adventures of a Heavy and Spy as they meet TF2 Freaks that either have been recently developed or old recognizable Freaks such as the famous Painis Cupcake. The series will also focus on the main antagonist of the entire series, Billy Two Fingers as they try to stop him from taking over the TF2 Freakshow universe.


See also: Twelve Characters
  • Heavy - The show's protagonist, he and Spy encounter Freaks and often go into situations while encountering these Freaks.
  • Spy – The deuteragonist of Twelve, he is a person with a large knowledge about the Freak world despite not originating from the world. He drags Heavy into the Freak world.
  • Britelight - He replaces Spy in the second half of the first season of Twelve and in later seasons, he appears as a recurring character. He is an angelic RED Spy Freak who helps Heavy find and fight Billy Two Fingers.


Season Episode Series Episode Title Airdate Writer Director
1 1 "Pilot" late 2016 n8five484 n8five484
"No Description: Sorry Folks"
2 2 "Cupcakes, Cakeholes and Pancakes" late 2016 n8five484 n8five484
Heavy and Spy randomly teleport near the 2Fort RED Spawn and encounter the cannibal Freak, Painis Cupcake and while meeting the cannibal themselves, they also encounter Piss Cakehole, Ass Pancakes and a special visitor.

List of Season Antagonist

  • First Season Antagonist - Billy Two Fingers
  • Second Season Antagonist - Lord Degroot? (Permission is needed)
  • Third Season Antagonist - Basro
  • Fourth Season Antagonist - Nequam (The First Half), TBA (The Second Half)
  • Final Season Antagonist - Fadkiller, The Visualizer, Billy Two Fingers,


  • The series was first conceptualized not as a TF2 Freak series but as a GMod animation series revolving around a RED Heavy's life.
  • The series uses seasons which will contain twenty-four episodes.
  • The series is the first of its kind to have an opening theme.
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