Creator Anonyomous
Creation 2015 (concept)
Debut Pending
Type Freak
Alignment Varies
Attitude Varies
Fighting style Close/Mid-Ranged
Abilities Enhanced agility
Explosion manipulation
Explosive combat
Weaknesses Frailty
Lacks long-ranged attacks
Status Alive
Occupation Hero (formely)
Enemies Ironus
Red Olona (once)

Tueur is an ORG Spy TF2 Freak created by an anonyomous friend of Icy guy2. He wears an orange Lady Killer and a RED Familiar Fez.

His theme is Mach 13 Elephant Explosion - No More Heroes

Background and Personality

Tueur used to be a leading member of a goodie-two-shoes gang of Freaks who went around helping people. At some point they were massacred and cannibalized by an unknown Freak, with Tueur being the only survivor. Shortly after this event, Tueur suffered a mental breakdown, which is presumably the origin of his bipolar behavior.

Tueur is best described as inconsistent. He seems to switch alignments regularly, sometimes on the side of good yet sometimes participating in acts of terror. The same can be said for his personality, thus making him seem extremely bipolar. He can act mischievous and childish, but can suddenly switch to being cunning and sadistic in a millisecond.

Powers and Abilites

Tueur's main abilities are his explosion manipulation and enhanced agility. Extremely agile, he can outrun most Scouts and can also use his explosion manipulation to its fullest extent. Running along the battlefield while detonating explosives at an alarming rate. Moreover, he can easily flee from a fight if it proves too challenging.

Tueur bases his fighting style on explosions. By controlling energy in the air Tueur can create explosions of variable sizes. This ability is handy for crowds of enemies, and it can also be used to impact the environment around him. He is also a suprisingly good unarmed combatant, combining aikido with explosive combat.

In case of an emergency or as a last stand, Tueur can summon "The Leviathan" an unstoppable explosion that acts as a shield, absorbing and demolishing any weapons or enemies that comes in contact with it. The attack lasts for 12 seconds.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Due to his bipolar nature, he may ally with a stronger Freak but may turn on them later, causing him to be absolutely decimated.
  • The more his explosion manipulation is used, the more unstable it gets, often ending with him hitting himself or a temporary ally.
  • Despite his agility being enhanced, he suffers from weakened sight and hearing (presumably the result of him consistently viewing and hearing explosions), making him easy to ambush.
  • Despite being quite effective at close-mid ranged combat, he lacks any long-ranged attacks.


  • "Tueur" is the French word for "killer".
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