Trumpet Scout
Trumpet Scout
Creator Kyuubiman3
Creation May 17,2017
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Joyful
Serious (combat)
Fighting style Long range(trumpets)
Abilities Trumpet throw
Fast attacks
Trumpet Form
Music wave
Super Speed
Weaknesses Low durability
poor defends
Status Alive
Occupation unknown
Superiors Medi-Fix
Allies Carefree Bomb

Trumpet Scout is Concept by Kyuubiman3

His normal theme is Crash Twinsanity OST - Iceberg Lab

His action theme: Unfounded Revenge - MOTHER 3


Trumpet Scout appears as a GRN Scout wearing Dr's Dapper Topper

Personality and Behaviour

Trumpet Scout is a goofy and kind hearted person to mostly anyone who wants to be his friend and he always looks at the bright side of things when things go bad.

But if he sees his spouse or friends harmed in anyway or form he'll go into his trumpet mode to attack the offender and brutality kill them.

Powers and Abilities

Trumpet Scout as a Scout is very quick on his feet and can dodge almost every incoming attacks and can hit people multiple times with his dodging skills

Trumpet Scout can throw a bugle that can explode a normal or low rank freak's head

He acts like a cartoon character when being friendly around others with appearing from above the screen and has a extremely high endurance to pain

While in Trumpet form he becomes stronger and gains new abilities for a short time which are to float in mid air and causes destructive sound waves to his enemies at a cost he'll become evil while in that state.

Faults and Weakness

Trumpet Scout's defensive is not that good and can be harmed easily by regular punches by a GRN Heavy which means he could be killed by regular means

Trumpet Scout is a fragile speedster that means he has low durability and can't take much damage in return

His new goofy makes him completely obvious to danger thinking he's powerful as the Lighting Bruisers due to his new powers and abilities and goofy nature

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