Creator Xho
Creation 2014
Type Metahuman
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Restless, violent tempered
Fighting style Short range
Abilities Superhuman Speed
Superhuman Stamina
Status Alive
Occupation Supersoldier
Superiors Overseer
Allies Juggernaut

Trailblazer is a BLK Scout Concept created by Xho. He is one of the operatives of the paramilitary group known as Pavor Nocturnus. He wears a Flack Jack, Bootenkhamuns and black Face Plante.


In an effort to balance out the otherwise heavy-hitting characteristics of most of the Pavor Nocturnus operatives, Multiple psychological and biological enhancements were made to create Trailblazer. The only cybernetic enhancements Trailblazer has are his optical replacements, which allow him to detect movement in comparatively better situations in relation to his superhuman speed and stamina. At a cost of his unnatural physiology, Trailblazer's psychology was altered, pushing his mindframe into a far more hyperactive state on top of the general psychological conditioning of all Pavor Nocturnus operatives.

Personality and Behaviour

Pavor Nocturnus, as an organisation, have trouble in placing Trailblazer in operations notably due to his hyperactive persona and constant need for a stimulus. Thus, Trailblazer is abnormally irritable and violent, and his short fuse only increases with prolonged boredom. Fitting in with the stereotype of the rest of the Pavor Nocturnus operatives, Trailblazer has a cruel and sadistic nature which allows him to perform on the field without moral hindrance.

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to Pavor Nocturnus modifying his physiology in order to grant him powers, Trailblazer is one of the two Metahumans out of all the entire Pavor Nocturnus operatives. That said, he is capable of defeating threats that normal to peak Humans wouldn't be capable of defeating.

Much of Pavor Nocturnus' investments into Trailblazer's development was into his speed. By a wide margin, Trailblazer is the fastest member of Pavor Nocturnus, so much so that he is capable of matching the speed of commercial transit vehicles and has reflexes advanced enough to dodge high-velocity projectiles, such as bullets. The momentum Trailblazer carries in his speed grants him a condition of enhanced strength, and with his superior acrobatic skill, makes him nigh-impossible to outmanoeuvre.

Faults and Weaknesses

Trailblazer is naturally a frail individual - despite the enhancements to his stamina and speed, he retains a significant lack of endurance that puts him at risk if he is unable to capitalise on his abilities in any given situation.


  • Xho jokingly refers to Trailblazer as an 'edgy Scout OC'.
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