Cringe Toymaker
Creator Captain Huzan
Creation 9/24/16
Debut Still Working on it
Type Puppet Master
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Violent towards others
Fighting style Melee/Ranged
Abilities Puppet Summon
Can controll any wooden object he makes
Giant form
Weaknesses Power drain per summon

Not a great defense without puppets to sheild him
Puppets are vulnerable against fire.

Status Alive
Occupation Puppeteering
Superiors None
Subordinates His Puppets
Enemies Any Fire Hazard Freaks


Toymaker is a RED Puppet Making TF2 Freak created by user Victor Linear

His theme is Rain - La Song (Will Change to a better theme)

Appearance and personality

Toymaker appears as a slightly taller Engineer with multiple arms (Puppetry used)


Toymaker wasnt always a evil dude. He never had good interactions with his team because he refused to wear goggles, and always acted diffrent from other RED Engineers, scaring them away.

One day he refused to build anything and just sat in the middle of their spawn declining any service and making small wooden figures.

His team kicked him out. Enraged, Toymaker extracted his revenge by making puppets attack anyone in his path.

In unknown means he acquired a skill to make moveable puppets on command while using his energy as a result.

Powers and Abilities

Tier 1 -

Puppet Summon - Toymaker is able to summon puppets at will, draining a bit of his energy per summon.

Multiple 'limbs' - Toymaker can make 'extra' arms using wood, which he hides with clothing to make him appear more dangerous to others.

Tier 2 -

Leech Puppets - Toymaker summons Mercenaries or Freaks with sharp teeth, they latch onto targets and drain energy, giving it all to Toymaker.

Tier 3 -

Terrorform - Toymaker adsorbs all wooden items nearby, becoming larger and less in control of himself. growing even more limbs and large spikes protruding from his back.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • He loses alot of power when summoning, he usually summons stronger wood type beings while resting
  • Toymaker has wood with him on his back or in a bag to use less energy, burning the wood will make him use more Energy
  • Freaks that can destroy or eliminate objects, such as his puppets is a danger for him. He tries to stay away from those types of freaks.

Trivia and Credits

  • Puppetmann, a freak made by MasMustacheo can control puppets, Toymaker and him would make a great duo. Because Toymaker could literally make unlimited puppets without energy drain since Puppetmann could take over the puppets.
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