TF2 Freak Torment Rework
Creator Gallade Medic
Creation 10 April 2016
Debut Angel of Light
Type Angel
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Fearless
Fighting style Hand-to-Hand Combat
Abilities Flight
Healing Hand
Light Manipulation
Healing Factor
Enhanced Self-Resurrection
Enhanced Fitness
Weaknesses High Damage
Dark Magic
Loud Scream
Status Alive
Occupation Defender
Superiors Old Master
Allies The Watcher
Enemies Thane
Bad Guys

Torment is a WHT Medic TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Gallade Medic. He works as a servant for The Watcher

His theme is Saiyan Enigma - Dragon Ball Z - Bills Theme.

His Battle Theme is The Enigma - A Dying Race.


In within the light, Torment was created by the Old Master. One day, he found a RED Spy lying on to the ground, dying at Granary. Torment healed him and took the RED Spy to a pillar two days later, Torment fought any violent freak he encountered. After the years, he successfully brought down his enemies. Torment went back home and see the Old Master passing away. He was no longer an apprentice for the Master

Three days later, Torment was standing on the Old Master's tombstone until The Watcher came and asked that he needed a healer. Torment agreed to be his assistant and find any metahuman to destroy.

Appearance and Personality

Torment as a WHT Medic wearing the Vintage Tyrolean, the Blighted Beak, and the Ward, His clothes are all colorer with An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge.

Torment is a healer who serves The Watcher to be a healer who protects the TF2 Freak world.

Powers and Abilities

Torment posses light manipulation, He also a healer who able to heal any of the hurt in the TF2 Freak world.

Light Elements: Torment uses the power of light to weaken his enemies

Light Ball Projection: Torment creates a sphere of light to blast the enemy.

Light Aura: Torment increases the strength to defeat an enemy.

Holy Light Power Ball: Torment will charged his power ball of light to strike his enemy.

Healing: Torment used to heal any freaks and mercs.

  • Light Elements
  • Light Ball Projection
  • Light Aura
  • Holy Light Power Ball

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Torment can be defeated if enough attacks are thrown at him.
  • He does not like dark magic and will avoid it.
  • Torment can be stunned by loud screams.

Notable videos

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