Tome Keeper
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Creator Battledroidunit047
Creation June 8, 2016
Type Headless Horseman
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Unknown, presumed loner but may occasionally interact with other people
Fighting style Confirmed Melee, rumored sorcery
Abilities Unknown, except for possible Swordsmanship and spell-casting capabilities
Weaknesses Must have book on hand at all times, possibly Gold and/or running water such as rivers
Status Unknown, presumed undead
Occupation Explorer
Superiors Unknown
Subordinates Her horse and her snake.
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown, but believed to have some connection to Team Killer

Tome Keeper is a headless female BLU Pyro created by Deviantart user Battledroidunit047

Although she has not appeared on YouTube, her theme while passing by comes from a Thomas and Friends episode called "Duncan Gets Spooked".

In Battle, her theme is the phase two arrangement of Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne.

Appearance and Personality

Little is known about Tome Keeper at this time, but it is confirmed she wears custom cosmetics. These are found in the following addons:

As for textures, well, use this: Sub Material Tool

Tome Keeper is most commonly seen with her head held by one hand, but she will attach it to her neck when she needs both hands. She usually rides a horse to get around, and she's only encountered at night. Normally she just minds her own business and ignores anyone unlucky enough to cross her path, but if threatened, she will show no mercy. On rare occasions she can be found idling in a street or graveyard, But usually appears in non-urban areas. She may not have any known associates, but it's possible, though unlikely, she has some connection to Team Killer.


As stated above, Tome Keeper and attach and detach her head as she sees fit. She is also rumoured to be a capable fighter, particularly with a shortsword. There are speculations that she can wield magic, but this is unconfirmed. Her horse also has a fighting spirit, so it can take part in combat independently. Her head and Body can also act independent of each other (For example, her head can read a book while her body tends to her horse)


  • There have been too few sightings to suggest a weakness, but an eyewitness has theorised that, if the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is accurate, Tome Keeper cannot cross running water. Of course, that would only be true if she were indeed a ghost.
  • Alternatively, one can try wearing a golden accessory to repel her, as this is said to work on Dullahans in Irish Folklore.
  • She may also be vulnerable to attacks from behind.
  • She cannot be too far away from the book she carries for two whole nights, or else she will turn to dust.


  • As you may have guessed by now, Tome Keeper is a female parody of the Headless Horseman. However, her true backstory is yet to be revealed the the Freak World.
  • Her serpent is always present coiled around her head.
  • She has a Q+A on DeviantArt. You can ask or dare her things here
  • Her adventures are currently only found on DeviantArt.
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