Engineer emblem RED
"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Titano undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Creator BoygeyMario
Creation October 2016
Type Elemental
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Timid
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Ferrokinesis
Enhanced durability
Weaknesses Fire
Emotionally fragile
Status Alive
Occupation Superhero
Allies Agent Lavender
Enemies Vagineers

Titano (Real name Aaron Stahl) is a WHT Engineer freak created by BoygeyMario.


His facial hair consists of a Big Country and a Scotch Saver, both painted Aged Moustache Grey. The rest of his cosmetics consist of a Pip-boy, a Teddy Robobelt painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge, and a Trash Toter also painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge.

Personality and Behavior

Ever since he was a kid, Aaron has always wanted to become a superhero, and to this day he upholds the codes of one. Due to tragic events in his younger years, however, he has developed a rather timid personality, especially when said events are brought up or come to his mind somehow, and he usually only discusses such events with his closest friends. Other than that, Aaron is a strong-willed man who intends to make the world a better place.

Powers and Abilities

Titano's main ability is his ferrokinesis. (or metal manipulation) He can levitate & mold many kinds of construction metals with his mind, allowing him to easily craft his own weapons fairly quickly. This doesn't end at just weapons, as he can also craft tools, sheilds, and even everyday household objects. Because of this power, Titano always keeps spare metal in the Trash Toter he wears, ensuring he has metal at all times.

His skeleton is also noticeably much more durable then that of the average human, being as tough as titanium. Because of this, he can deal a painful blow simply by headbutting someone.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • He is rather weak to fire and electric based attacks.
  • Areas of his body without any bone (particularly the abdomen area) serve as his weak spots.
  • He is incapable of manipulating precious and potentially radioactive metals. This includes Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Bismuth, Uranium, Plutonium, even Australium.
  • If he were to somehow lose his Trash Toter, he would be forced to rely on his environment for metal.


  • He was originally going to be on the GRY team, but knowing how many GRY Engineer freaks are already out there, BoygeyMario decided Titano should instead be WHT.
  • His freak name come from Τιτάνιο, which is Greek for Titanium.
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