Creator Xho
Creation 2014
Type Cyborg
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Determined, ruthless
Fighting style Short to mid range
Abilities Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Endurance
Status Alive
Occupation Supersoldier
Superiors Overseer
Allies Juggernaut

Titan is a BLK Heavy Concept created by Xho who wears a black Cold War Luchador and an Immobile suit, among other gear. He is one of the operatives that belong to Pavor Nocturnus.


One of the earliest projects of Pavor Nocturnus' program to create supersoldiers, Titan was created solely from the basic idea of a soldier that was able to deal expensive collateral damage and to be able to endure similar assaults in return. Though one of its oldest remaining operatives, Titan's hardware has been improved and refined over the years to keep up with the more current technology implemented into the newer members. Thus, Titan is respected as one of the most distinguished and decorated soldiers of his organisation.

Personality and Behaviour

Psychologically altered to serve Pavor Nocturnus, Titan is one of the paramilitary's most trustworthy and loyal members, delivering efficient results in each mission. Unlike the more recent members such as Juggernaut, Titan does not have a sadistic streak as he was not 'programmed' to instigate shock or fear in a civilian population, and though his combat hardware remains fresh, his psychology is reminiscent of the original designs of Pavor Nocturnus' concepts. Though not cruel, Titan shows no mercy to his enemies.

Powers and Abilities

All thanks to Pavor Nocturnus having to technologically augment his physiology, Titan was turned into a cybernetic organism. At least compared to Robots, there are certain instances that Cyborgs like himself are much stronger than Robots. Having an actual brain instead of an AI to operate allows him to think creatively and much more proficiently, allowing him to go toe to toe against ordinary Robots that have to rely on an artificial computer as a brain in order to function.

Titan was originally the strongest member of Pavor Nocturnus, though now in his advanced age no longer bears that title. However, he is still the third-strongest member of the organisation, behind Nox and Juggernaut. Unlike Juggernaut, Titan has a considerable advantage of speed over his spiritual successor, and can cover distances much quicker than the more hard-hitting members of Pavor Nocturnus altogether. Fitted with a power boost, Titan can temporarily supersede Juggernaut in strength as he enters a berserk frenzy.

Faults and Weaknesses

As the largest member of Pavor Nocturnus, Titan is the largest target also, and his reasonably low mobility means that he is at a disadvantage against ranged attack. His weakspot is his head, largely unprotected save for his luchador mask. His power boost, while gives him a further increase in physical strength, exhausts Titan for a period of time, and must recover to fight again.


  • Titan is unintentionally similar to the supervillain Bane from the Batman series of comics.
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