Creator FP2P
Creation 9th of September, 2018
Type Magician.
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Kind.

Well mannered. Shy. Capricious.

Fighting style Short to mid range.
Abilities Moderate physical attributes.

Explosive balloons.

Candy Cane.

Health cakes.

Weaknesses Freaks with resistance to explosives.

Low combat experience.

Status Alive.
Occupation Healer of the Freaks for Hire.
Superiors Tres Bon.
Allies Stunman, Gran Heavy, Demoparrot, Hop

Tickles is a RED Pyro TF2 Freak created by FP2P. He is a member of the Freaks for Hire.




Tickles has the appearance of a RED Pyro wearing a Pyromancer's Hood, a Pyromancer's Raiment, a Nose Candy (Horrific style) and a Merc Medal. The last one is also used by the rest of his team.

Personality and Behaviour

He mainly acts as a Pyro that behaves as if he were watching Pyroland, only that this attitude is actually shown in real life. He is shy with strangers, but well mannered with the people he is related with. Ironically, although his magical powers would technically make him the most powerful member of his team, he has genuine respect to his teammates, considering himself equal to them. This can also be a flaw, being quite dependent on his team during a mission. He also may be capricious and immature in certain situations, especially when he doesn't get what he wants.

Powers and Abilities

Tickles has a small range of magical powers (Clown based), but kind of useful in most situations. His main attack ability are his explosive red balloons, which he can generate and throw them to enemies, causin explosive damage. When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, he uses his Candy Cane, that causes regular damage. The last ability is his Invocation of Cakes, that basically makes him generate cakes, that work as regular medkits. Regarding physical abilities, he has a decent physical fitness, .which allows him to fight hand-to-hand with someone without his magical powers

Faults and Weaknesses

  • His explosive balloons cause regular explosive damage. So Freaks with resistance to explosions can take his attacks.
  • Tickles cakes are not unlimited, it takes time between cake and cake.
  • Even though he has overall good physical attributes. he does not have combat training as outstanding as other Freaks with physical abilities like his. Without his balloons and his Candy Cane, he is quite vulnerable.
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