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"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

The Totalitarian undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
The Totalitarian
Creator Blastertronus
Creation Unknown
Type Psychopathic Human
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Manipulative
Fighting style Unknown
Abilities Corruption, Sociopathy, and Psychosis Inducement
Tactical Genius and Analyst
Enhanced Wisdom
Weaknesses Standard Human Weaknesses
Status Ailve
Occupation The Head of Council of Tribulation
Subordinates Members of The Council of Tribulation
Allies Cult of Undead
Enemies Anybody who dares stands in his way
The Judge

The Totalitarian is a Psychopathic Dictator who Leads the Council Of Tribulation and world With an Iron fist and Main Antagonist of Super Polaris Crazy Adventure XL, He was Created By Blastertronus, and does NOT exist in the Prime Freak Universe.


The Totalitarian was a Born in an Unknown Part if Germany, He was a non Freak named Tyrann Who was born in an Wealthy and influential family who were secretly part of the German mafia, the Ringvereine. He Inherited his Father Psychopathy as The Father Was known to be Manipulative, and has a Lack of remorse or guilt. After His Death, Tyrann's insanity kicked in, and he started to bully others for his own amusement both teachers and students alike, and gets off scot free every time due to how terrifying of a person be became, and eventually ruled the entire school with and iron fist, after

Personality and Behavior


What The Totalitarian's looks like is Currently Unknown and yet to be seen, other that the Fact that He is BLK Medic with a Large scar on his right eye.

Powers and Abilities

Faults and Weaknesses


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