— Leo about to kick.

Leo or known as "The Spartan Vagineer" was a RED Shirtless Vagineer who serve his city known as Sparta and fought off Persians away from Sparta. This freak was made by TeslaTitanicX. His theme is

The Spartan Vagineer,100):origin()/pre12/cf1e/th/pre/i/2017/254/e/8/ctf_doublecross0000_by_teslatitanicx-dbn3c4d.jpg
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 09/11/2017
Type Warrior
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Aggressive, Smarty
Fighting style Short-to-mid range
Abilities Spartan sword.,

Spartan kick

Status Alive
Occupation Killing Persians
Subordinates Vagi-Spartans(deceased)
Allies The Athenian Vagineer
Enemies The Persian Crabyro


Leo, The Spartan Vagineer, was a regular RED Vagineer, who accidentally wear an old Spartan helmet, then turned into a Spartan warrior. In Sparta, there is an offensive between Athenians and Spartans, claiming Greek city must be ruled by one. Then the two Persian guests come to sign for assistance against the Athenians, but Leo refused, ordering his men to slaughter the two Persians. Xer, The Persian Crabyro, taking revenge and murdered lots of Spartans, including Leo. After Xer left Sparta, Leo survived and see his misery about all his fellow Spartans and his wife were brutally murdered by Xer.

Appearances and behavior

Leo usually appeared as a Shirtless vagineer, he aggressively fought against the unsuspected odds such as Persians. He wears a Spartan cape, a mullet which painted black and also sometimes he wear a Spartan helmet.

Powers and abilities

Leo use his standard Spartan sword to fight the opponents he faced. He can use "Spartan Kick", which he kick the opponents in the stomach, and instantly killed the opponents, especially when kicked from higher places.

Faults and weaknesse

Despite Leo can beat more than 100 enemies, the archers are the main threat because their longer distance and instantly ambushing Leo and causing Leo become weak.


  • Leo is short for Spartan king, Leonidas.
  • His quote same as Leonidas from 300 except he speaking backwards.
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