The Saintville Saga: Science vs Magic
Author St Scotty
Genre Adventure, Sci-fi, Magic
Original run On concept
No. of episodes 12 (concept)
Protagonist Saint
Heroes Bruiser

Slash Midnighter

Sputnik Rogue

Dr Winter

El Invicto


Painis Cupcake (concept)

Antagonist Thunderbolt (primary antagonist)

The Physicus (secondary antagonist)

The Judge (tertiary antagonist)

Villains Class O

Dr. Buildinstein




Platinum King


The Twins

Sombre Oracle

Lazer Face


Others Thunderstorm (major character)

Saintville (minor)

Con (minor)

Canadian F-Bot

Colonel Order


The Saintville Saga: Science vs Magic is a YouTube concept video series through comic-book variant (possibly stop motion) videos under Source Filmmaker. This story is also the first Act of the whole series exclude New Era Emerges being a prequel to the major events. It was created by St Scotty.


The Saintville Saga: Science vs Magic is the first Act of the major events throughout the series. After the event of New Era Emerges, Saint went missing after being kidnapped and tortured by Sombre Oracle. However, Saint goes on his new journey after his faction, Saintville is attacked by Dr. Buildinstein while being nearly killed by Thunderbolt at his first encounter. After intense training with his new power, Saint teams up with the other criminals after learning they have the common goal against The Physicus for harassing their work. 


  • The concept of Science vs Major as first act storyline revolves around Saint trouble dealing with technology that capable to counter magic users while worrying about Aria when her body is not on the cemetery but hidden away until taken by The Physicus.
  • The most interesting concept for the relationship between Saint and Bruiser is the fact they started out as bitter enemies as Bruiser is responsible for the ambush and kidnapped Saint in the first place. Then, they began to open up to each other including Bruiser's reason to help Saint save the world despite their constant bickering and begrudging at each other throats during their journey. One of the plans is to have Slash Midnighter joking out Saint and Bruiser being intense bromance, which ended up making both of them uncomfortable.
  • Unlike most heroic stories, the story revolves around anti-heroes due to the fact that they are technically malevolence while fighting for their common yet noble goal as first step to save the world from Cult of Undead
  • Throughout the group, Sputnik Rogue is the only character who isn't villainous.
  • Despite Thunderstorm worked with The Physicus, the concept of her role ended up playing double agent affiliating both The Physicus and Saint for her own good intention.
  • One of the potential plans for the creator is possible having collaborations with other Freaks creators for storyline benefits and will get credits later on (if it works out).
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