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The Rise of The Demons
Author n8five484
Genre Action
Protagonist Britelight
Heroes Grim
Antagonist Jelena
Villains Diablo

The Rise of The Demons (rarely shortened to TRTR) is an upcoming sideproject TF2 Freak YouTube series created by n8five484 and is probably maybe a rip off of The Demon Slayers.

Anybody can contribute to this series whether it be a video or a Freak.


The Rise of The Demons is a GMod series that has demons and angels as the central theme of the series.


Episode 1: First Contact


  • The Rise of The Demons is based off the GMod series The Rise of The Lich and even have the similar names and themes.
  • This was originally made as a side project in order to get the creator's mind off of Twelve.
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