— Xer to Spartans, including Leo

Xer, or known as "The Persian Crabyro", is a YLW Crabyro that becomes a Persian soldier to take over the cities like Athens and Sparta. This freak was created by TeslaTitanicX. His theme is Ey Iran.

The Persian Crabyro,100):origin()/pre06/be6d/th/pre/i/2017/254/2/2/ctf_doublecross0000_by_teslatitanicx-dbn3c4d.jpg
Creator TeslaTitanicX
Creation 09/11/2017
Type Soldier.
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Moron, bloodthirsty, kleptomaniac
Fighting style Short-to-mid range
Abilities Persian sword and shield,

Warhorn for calling Faravedic.

Status Unknown
Subordinates Faravedic
Enemies The Spartan Vagineer, The Athenian Vagineer


Xer was an originally YLW Crabyro, he found an abandoned Persian axe and shield. When he touched them, he become a Persian and will take over Sparta and Athens. During visit to Sparta, Xer usually as a soldier to guard The Persian Messenger that wanted alliance between Persians and Spartans, but Leo refused, and ordering his Spartans to execute Xer and the messenger. Xer survived and taking revenge on Leo and his fellow Spartans.

Appearances and behavior

Xer usually wears a YLW uniform which represented the clothes of Persian Army from 300. He also wears a Persian burqa. He always seeking prosperous lands of Sparta and Athens and massacred the inhabitants in each cities he invaded along with his fellow Persians.

Powers and abilities

Xer normally use the axe and sheild to fight his opponents. Because he is Crabyro, he can still use his legs as hands to hold anything if two of his hands are full. He also have a Persian warhorn shell to call his subordinate Faravedic and instantly turning his superior's opponents into ash.

Faults and weaknesses

Xer is dumb Persian and always thirst of invading city. Unlike the Crabyros, he cannot ubercharge or shooting liquid splatter from his pincers. Without the warhorn, Xer never be able to call Faravedic for assistance.


  • Xer's full name is "Xerxes".
  • He appeared as YLW then turned into lighter-brownlike color with sash.
  • He wears a white scarf unlie other Persian Crabyros using light-brown scarfs, wears other colored sash and some without sash.
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