The Peace Offering is a group that temporarily comes together and then disbands.


After a stupid feud over who gets the last bits of ice cream, Homme Mort decides to make a group called The Peace Offering, everyone decided to join. They meet up every 5 years, they talk and complaint, and after they have found peace, they add a peace offering in the middle of the circle.

Created Pages

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Homme Mort

Dr. Wahnsinnig

Echo & Orton

Xalen The Bounty Hunter

Wind Condition




Crapped Rampage

Velcro Spirit


French Toast







Shimmity The Smoking Sniper

Failed Contestants

They are prototypes for any up coming freak concepts, some didn't sadly make it.

A Headless Spy, It would be a bounty hunter.

Night Moon, A spy who would be able to control night and day.

Scarecrow, a Spy who would travel across the world finding the one who created him.

Beergineer, A BLU engineer who travel with a beer tank on his back.

A satanic demoman, for obvious reasons.

Maybe Upcoming

For freak concepts that may be coming, might need your opinion on them.

FL: A robotic Spy who is learning the natures of life, and trying to find a true point in life along the way.

Echo & Orton Page Recreation: This might give me a chance to make Orton useful in battle.

Stop! & Go!: Two engineers who were hired for a crossing guard, they have fights now and then but they are friends.

Spyware {Re-thought}: A recreation of Spyware.

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