The Magic Demomen (or simply Magic Demo and Demo Magic)

Their first theme is K. Lumsy - Donkey Kong64

Their second theme is No More Heroes 2- Jasper Batt .Jr II


The Magic Demomen were once one Demoman called the Magic Demo before being cut in two by Lumberjack Heavy.

But he(they) survived they're injures and both now have full bodies of their own and looking for the freak that made them

Magic Demo
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Creator McBuster
Creation 08/12/2017
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Choatic Evil
Attitude Rude
Fighting style Mid- to Long-Range
Abilities Dark Magic
Enhanced Durability & Strength
Spilt presonilty sword
Weaknesses Cocky
Limited power & durability
Status Alive
Occupation Persian
Subordinates Fez Spy
Clone minions
Allies Demo Magic
Enemies Lumberjack Heavy


Magic Demo appears as a RED Demoman wearing Sultan's Ceremonial Aladdin's Private Reserve, Dr. Grordbort's Crest and Ali Baba's Wee Booties

Personality and Behaviour

Magic Demo's presonilty is the Loud and Aggrieve side of the two half and is the leader of the duo and is willing to create a mass killing spree if someone looked at Him the wrong way.

Even tho he will take orders of others if he has to and he wants to create copies of some freak as robot or their old appearance fight for his side.

Powers and Abilities

Magic Demo is tougher then any normal Mercs meaning he can survive longer then any normal merc and has Magic resist thank to the Ali's Private Reserve

Magic Demo has lots of experience with a blade and can counter hit people trying to close combat him.

Magic Demo has dark Magic meaning he can use Pyromancer and can summon a powerful purple orb to his foes.

The Split personality sword is Magic Demo and Demo Magic's powerful weapon it can make robotic, good/evil counter parts of many TF2 Freaks and they will obay every command he makes.

Faults and Weakness

Magic Demo has a limit of how much pain and punishment he can endure before passing out from the pain.

He and Demo Magic are very cocky and taunt at their enemies even if their not defeated leaving them to a surprise or counter attack.

Magic Demo is more Aggrieve then his BLU counter part he'll make dumb mistakes in battle.

He and Demo Magic are weak against each other's spilt presonilty sword due to already being the other half's presonilty.

Demo Magic
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Creator McBuster
Creation September,12 2017
Type Enhanced Human
Alignment Choatic Evil
Attitude Bloodthirsty
Fighting style Short to mid-range
Abilities Swordsmanship
Enhanced human Strength & Durability
Dark Magic
Split presonilty sword
Weaknesses limited power & durability
Status Alive
Occupation Persian
Subordinates Fez Spy
Clone Minions
Allies Magic Demo
Enemies Lumberjack Heavy


Demo Magic is a BLU Demoman wearing Sultan's Ceremonial, Dr. Grordbort's Crest, Aladdin's Private Reserve and Ali Baba's Wee Booties

Personality and Behavior

Demo Magic is the "Calmer" and "nice" side of Magic Demo's side he and Magic Demo will both try to cheat in their fight just to prove that they're better.

He'll use a handshake for a "honour and fair fight" to trick the foe into believing it a fair fight but he'll set the person on fire but for Pyros he blasts them with a purple energy ball.

He makes the plans on how their going to get the job done and he's the one who made the spilt personality sword

Powers and Abilities

Demo Magic is stronger then any normal Demoman and can withstand a powerful punch from Vagineers and Robots

unlike Magic Demo only he can summon Fez Spy to aid them in combat and/or as their scapegoat and he can return him back home when Fez Spy's deeds are done.

Demo Magic is also has a lot of experience fighting with a sword and combat.

Like Magic Demo he has dark Magic but Demo Magic has Ice Magic and can shoot out a electric spike ball.

And He also owns a spilt personality sword which also can create counter clones of the original Freaks which are old appearance or different team color

Faults and Weakness

Demo Magic is a Coward using cheap tricks to get ahead of his foes and it can be seen by smarter foes and he can't trick them once they already know what he's going to do.

If He is beaten first he can't summon Fez Spy to help Magic Demo in combat and Fez Spy will become too angered in fights.

Demo Magic is very cocky like his RED self and will taunt his foes in a middle of combat and is open to a counter attack or surprise punch from his foes.

Like Magic Demo he also has limited Durability and power and can't take much punishment and be he's prone to be scared Demo when fight High ranking freaks

And Like the RED counter their both weak to the spilt personality sword for being the other half's counter

Notable Videos

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