The Hitmann
Author BurgerLord


Genre Action
Original run 10/25/15
No. of episodes 3
Runtime 4:58 (Currently)
Protagonist The Hitmann
Heroes Pootdiers
Antagonist TBA
Villains Dic Soupcan
Others Captain Demoman
Gravy Guitarman
Robot Engie

The Hitmann (Series) is a Gmod tennis between YouTube users BurgerLord and MrShyguy999.


Part 1

A BLU Spy manages to grab the intelligence from the RED 2fort base, but only for a brief moment as he is shot in the head by a particular RED Engineer. After a few seconds something caught the Engineer's attention, whatever the thing was, it exploded, causing the Engineer to lose some body parts. The Engineer looked up to be greeted by a mysterious hooded man. The Engineer tried to grab his gun, but without any balance he fell on his face. The hooded thing assured the Engineer that he was here to help him, he then enhanced the Engineer to become a cyborg. The Engineer, now known as The Hitmann, was assigned to kill his first freaks (the assignments of which came from the hooded man in return), Captain Demoman and his crew. The Hitmann surprised them by killing off Gravy Guitarman, then Robot Engi, then lastly Captain Demoman.

Part 2

The Hooded Man was visibly joyed when The Hitmann appeared after killing Captain Demoman and his crew. He rewarded the Engineer with money and a new weapon. Meanwhile, a group of Pootdiers were arguing amongst themselves, making them unaware of The Hitmann. After a fellow Pootdier was shot by the Engineer, the leader of the group commanded his army to attack him, which didn't end in the leader's favor. The leader then decided to take matters into his own hands and take on The Hitmann himself, which didn't go well as he had a finite supply of ammo, getting himself killed shortly afterward.

Part 3

The Hitmann returned once again, and he was rewarded (though this time without any new weapon). He was then assigned to kill the famous drunkard, Dic Soupcan. He was spying on the drunkard through a scope, after a while, he fired the gun, knocking Dic's head clean off. The Hitmann approached the Demoman, under the false pretense that he was deceased, opening him up for a surprise attack. For the majority of the battle, the demented drunkard had the upper hand. until The Hitmann surprised him and killed him. The Engineer left visibly weakened.

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