The Hitmann
Creator BurgerLord
Creation 10/22/15
Type Cyborg
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Greedy
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Enhanced strength
Speed and durability
Advanced weapons
Weaknesses Cockiness
Limited durability
Status At large
Occupation Hitman
Superiors A Mysterious Hooded Man

The Hitmann is a RED Engineer TF2 Freak created by the YouTube users BurgerLord and MrShyguy999.


The Hitmann is a sociopathic RED engineer with an Iron Fist, a Bruisers Bandana, a Captain Space Mann, a Rocket Operator, a Life Support System and a Gunslinger.


The Hitmann was once just a sociopathic RED engineer working in 2fort, however, he only worked with the team only because of the pay, disregarding anyone he would kill. As fate would have it, there was an unexplained explosion inside of 2fort's intelligence room. A hooded being revealed himself to the Engineer and proposed that he eradicate all freaks, however, the engineer couldn't do it in his former state, so the mysterious being enhanced the engineer into the cyborg he is today.


The Hitmann is considerably sadistic. He has no problem with attacking freaks, hostile or not, so long as it gets money in his hands. The Hitmann is rather cocky and mainly thinks that he can take on anything, this is justified, seeing as he's modified beyond human comprehension.

Powers and Abilities

The Hitmann is extremely strong, he can lift about half a ton of weight with considerable ease.On top of the fact that his bare hands could do massive damage should he need to use them.

He is also considerably fast for a bulky cyborg, as he's noticeably faster than a scout.

He can also take large amounts of damage, thanks to his built in shield.

He also has an arsenal of advanced weaponry, such as a raygun and an enhanced Wrangler that can control most types of machinery.

Faults and Weaknesses

The Hitmann's shield is rather limited, once it deactivates (it'll be obvious, because he'll look worn) he'll be susceptible to many different types of attacks.

Due to The Hitmann being cocky, he's susceptible to ambushes.

Finally, his Wrangler can't work on Cyborgs or robots with a higher AI than a sentry.


  • The Hitmann is the secondary villain in BurgerLord's and MrShyguy's tennis.
  • The Hitmann isn't even a registered assassin, he's only killing freaks for his lucrative pay.


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