The Bongo Master is an Undead RED Female Pyro, not much else is known about her.

Bongo Master's Idle theme is Casual Bongos - Five night's at Freddy's Sister Location

Bongo Master's Attack theme is a Faster Pitched version of Casual Bongos.

Appearance and Personality

Bongo Master's Appearance is a RED Undead Female Pyro, with The Fallen Angel, Pyromancer's Hood, Bongos, and The Hot Hand. When in a Rage State, Bongo Master Equips the Rift's Edge, and can throw Rift Maces as if they were Javelin as well as recieving Fire Horns. 

Bongo Master has a very out there personality, especially because of how she looks. Attempting to enjoy anyone's company and will talk to anyone. Even her enemy sometimes, resulting in a bit of small talk before she kills her opponent. (Mainly BLU) 

Because she hasn't seen any other freaks, this makes her believe that she is a God, hence why she tries to interact with everyone, even her enemies. (Before she Kills Them.) 

Powers and Ablities 

Bongo Master's Power isn't in strength, but in Combo and After Burn. Because her Rift's Edge sets people on fire for a short ammount of time, she can use this as a destraction, because her bongos are

Bongo Master in her Rage State

extremely difficult to pull out during a fight. Though, if she pulls out her bongos in a fight, or they have already been pulled out, it will turn the tides into her favor. If any non TF2 Freak hears this, they immediately turn into a stone statue. If a TF2 Freak hears this though, it will do nothing but slight damage / extreme annoyance. Bongo Master's slap is just a slap, but also will deal after-burn. Which is usaully what is her key factor, and is what helps her win fights. Her Rage Mode lets her equip the Rift's Edge, and makes her don Fire Horns.

Faults and Weaknesses

Though not being around any other TF2 Freak, Bongo Master has lost to regular Mercenaries. The simple fear of "What could be in the Dark" can be exploited, and make her hide away, or cause her to light whatever was around her that is "Dark" on fire. In rage mode, she turns around very slowly, and not being ready for the other freaks, causes her to be unaware if a TF2 Freak were to confront her.


  • Casual Bongos is a Referance to the creator's favorite game franchies
  • The creator of Bongo Master also has a fear of what could be inside the dark, or the dark itself. 


Bongo Master VS BLU Soldier

Hero Scout VS Bongo Master

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