The Adventures of Artemis and a BLU Scout
Author BurgerLord
Genre Adventure
Original run TBA
No. of episodes 2
Runtime 00:01:01
Protagonist Artemis
BLU Scout
The Veteran
Heroes Vagidemo
Nuclear Scout
Tankina Hito
Antagonist Doctor Gaspacho](Chapter 1)
Fad Killer (Chapter 2)
Maggot Gear/Intoxicated Soldier (Chapter 3)
Scelus (Chapter 4)
The Corrupter (Chapter 5)
Nequam (Final Chapter)
Villains Dic Soupcan
Others MeeM
Weaklings A few frail freaks]
Soldier Crusty

The Adventures of Artemis and a BLU Scout is a series in progress made by YouTube user BurgerLord.


First season starts off with Artemis fleeing her dimension, presumably due to Nequam. However, due to her not exactly knowing where to go, she inadvertently chose Earth. Specifically 2Fort. While a BLU Scout was trying to capture the RED Intelligence Artemis appeared in front of him, startling the both of them, which triggered the alarm, bringing RED Heavies to the area. After they killed the RED Heavies, Artemis has been dragging the BLU Scout to her adventures ever since.


Chapter 1 Antagonist - Doctor Gaspacho

Chapter 2 Antagonist - Fad Killer

Chapter 3 Antagonist - Maggot Gear/Intoxicated Soldier

Chapter 4 Antagonist - Scelus

Chapter 5 Antagonist - The Corrupter

Final Chapter Antagonist - Nequam


This series will have elements similar to that of Gravity Falls, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time and Archer.

Each Chapter will be about ten episodes long.

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