Texas Bacon
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Creator McBuster
Creation 01/16/2017
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Goofy
Fighting style Short- to Mid-Range
Abilities Bacon Touch
rapid consumption
Bacon Shuriken
Bacon Burp
Super Reflexes & Speed
Weaknesses Fragile body
Status Alive
Occupation Bacon Ninja
Allies 1000 Ass Bonk
Enemies Caber Pie

"I am Texas Bacon"

— Texas Bacon, introducing himself

Texas Bacon is a BWN Engineer TF2 Freak made by McBuster

idle theme is Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill(instrumental)

Attacking theme is The Datsuns - Blacken My Thumb


Texas Bacon appears as a BWN Engineer without his hardhat and Usually with a weird smile

Personality and Behavior

Texas Bacon is always looking for people to eat bacon pancakes with or acting as a ninja to others and he believes that he's real ninja with super powers and often jokes a lot to his opponents

Texas Beacon likes to day dream about bacon and pancakes with his friends and when he greets people he waves at them and with his weird smile

If he smells bacon he go crazy and will do anything to get the bacon if he doesn't get it he go crazy and turn the person into a bacon statue to eat

Powers and Abilities

Texas Bacon can turn anyone into a bacon statue if he wants to with his hands with a creepy expression on his face.

Bacon burp: He can burp out powerful explosive bacon to blow up a spawn room door or a group of enemies with five RED Crit changed bacon and he can regain lost limbs if he eats the charged bacon.

Texas bacon made shurikens out of bacon that's sharp enough to cut though Heavies' head very easily and he can shoot out three or five with each hand

Texas Bacon can eat very fast that a Scout (under the effects of BONK) only saw him in 1.5 seconds before getting eaten

Texas bacon is a very fast and reflex able Engineer to dodge bullets and climb buildings in 5 seconds

Frontier Justice with a grapple attached to it so he can get around from place to place while he can shoot bullets with bacon grease on it

Faults and Weakness

His bacon touch can effect armored/steel objects meaning he can't turn a robot to a bacon statue

Texas Bacon's goof act gets him into trouble most of his adventures and his to silly sometimes to see the danger.

Texas Bacon is still human and can be easily hurt and killed by normal means

He carries hardly any ammo due to him barely fighting any freaks stronger than him and is easily shocked and scared by those who eat his main abilities which is bacon based

Texas Bacon is a fragile speedster meaning he can't take to much punishment in battle


Texas Bacon loves making pancakes with bacon in it

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