Creator NovaSector5102
Creation 2016
Debut New Soldiers
Type Metahuman
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Relentless (In combat)
Calm (Normal)
Fighting style All-range
Abilities Tactical Vision
Martial Arts
Inhuman fitness
Status Active
Occupation Mercenary
Superiors Doctor Bright
Subordinates Vulcan
Allies Enhancers
Enemies Burnro

TeufortKnight is a BLK Scout created by NovaSector5102

His main theme is Hitman - Kevin MacLeod

His fighting theme is Forget About Freeman - Black Mesa OST


TeufortKnight was a RED scout, that went missing after a failed defend on cp_Steel. when he was about to die, the Alliance found him and resurrected him into the TeufortKnight.

TeufortKnight is Relentless Killer that is out for Revenge on RED for leaving him to die.

The Alliance Profile

Name: TeufortKnight

Real Name: Unknown

Alias: 'Relentless Hunter'

Occupation: RED Frontline Scout (Formerly)

Age: Unknown

Weapons: Hand Cannon, Tactical Helmet, Flash bang Gun.

Powers and Abilities

Teufort has Enhanced Powers en high-Tech weapons to use against Foes like Soldine.

Tactical Visor: Teufort's helmet gives him access to his 'Tactical Visor'. It makes his shots always hit his target.

Inhuman Fitness: Teufort is a Evolved Human, making him stronger then others. he can jump twice as high, take more shots before becoming weak and fight longer then usual.

Martial Arts: Teufort learned Martial arts before he became this. he was a Master in it. now his fighting style is upgraded to the MAX.

Appearance and Personality

Teufort is a BLK scout wearing the Teufort Knight. He is usually Calm, but in combat, he becomes relentless and doesn't show any mercy.


Teufort was a RED scout that fought for his Friends, until Freaks appeared and almost killed him. RED thought he died, but he didn't.

Now he is on a rampage to avenge hisself.

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