TF2 Concept Freaks are tentative TF2 Freaks who undergo active development before they appear in YouTube videos. Once they become notable and receive community approval they turn into full-fledged characters.

What is a TF2 Freak?

TF2 Freaks are Team Fortress 2 characters who are considered abnormal. They are not ordinary mercenaries with a quirk or two. They are mutants, cyborgs, zombies, spirits and demons, among others. Each TF2 Freak possesses a special ability of some sort, often a couple or more, that sets one apart from any normal mercenary. Their origins may be unknown, somewhat realistic or supernatural, but the most distinct trait that sets them apart from the ordinary is how inherently bizarre or unusual they are.


Like any fictional characters TF2 Freaks require the approval of their target audience in order to flourish. Well-designed, complex, intriguing or amusing characters are likely to become accepted and more or less popular with time. Conversely, poorly-designed, unoriginal, overpowered or carbon copy Freaks are typically rejected by the community only to fade into obscurity, and with good reason.

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