T3xture is a Untextured Pyro created by ThatFireManiac.

T3xture's theme is the Team Fortress 2 - Main Theme slowed to 0.5.

Creator ThatFireManiac
Creation 2018-03-06
Debut None
Type Glitch
Alignment Neutral
Attitude Drowsy & Sluggish
Fighting style Bakom & Anatsuken
Abilities Errors & Glitches for battle
Weaknesses Shock him with too much electricity, applying texture to him
Status Alive
Occupation Traveler
Superiors None
Subordinates None
Allies Loiter
Enemies None


T3xture has a untextured appearance to the eye. Nothing else to tell really.


In the map of Dustbowl, this Pyro and his team was going to cap, after they capped, they won again over and over. Few matches later he saw a sign-up poster for a experiment and the pay would be payed $900,000,000, this pyro signed up and was the lucky one being the subject. Taking about 2 years, they had their result. They were going to release the on the last experiment, but something went horribly wrong, after starting the machine the pyro started to lose texture. They tried stopping it but nothing happened. The pyro broke free and escaped. The facility blew up behind him. Now, he is on a mission to revert back to having textures, but he'll have to avoid some humans for the time being.

Personality & Behavior

He has traveled for over 6 years now, he's drowsy & sluggish now because he keeps on walking, he'll keep it up until he finds an answer to get revert back to his old form.

Powers & Abilities

Texture not Found: He is able to make anything he touches have no textures, slowing down the opponents reaction time to any attacks. They will not recognize/react to pain as they see a pink hue.

Lag: This will enable him to make the opponent miss his attacks several times, but this won't last very long if the battle is somewhere near a internet connection.

Weapon Copier: This will enable him to copy what weapon the enemy uses, this also enables him how to use the weapon correctly. But will still not be familiar with it.

Fragment Grave: If the Weapon Copier doesn't help in the battle, he can summon his Volcano Fragment.

qAddfsg: When used, the opponent will say random words, lowering their sanity in battle.

Faults & Weaknesses

He was electrocuted in the experiment too, making this a shocking moment (lol). Being a untextured freak, he is able to have a texture. Finding the file named "TEXTURE.file" when he is electrocuted and applying a texture will disable half of his powers except Fragment Grave & Weapon Copier.


  • T3xture's power level on TF2 Freak Concept Wiki would be a Error: 404.
  • Applying texture wasn't a weakness before.
  • Click here to see the old concept of T3xture.
  • I'd say he is considered as a Teamless Freak because of his texture.
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