The synthets are a race that did not originate from the Freak World. They are newcomers from the Ether World as the Third Age of Ether was reaching it's ending.


Synthets are the only race of the Ether World that did not go extinct after the end of the Third Age. They are more advanced cyborgs and as such they employ machines and technology. Their spells utilize biological attacks that steadily cause damage over time. The synthets are a strange race, part-human, part-machine - a race of living that eschews the living in favor of the machine. Unlike the original cyborgs, synthets are even more mechanical, than their Freak World counterpart. Some of their own organs have been replaced with mechanisms, devices and other technological stuff. They employ odd and aggressive attack tactics and sometimes even necromancy. 

Good Synthets

Good synthets are the ones who are fighting to prevent the evil synthets from conquering the Freak World. They have an ally named Dove, a former kinet that joined with the synthets.
Good synthets

Good synthets. Left: SynthetDemo and SynthetPyro. Center: SynthetG (leader). Right: SynthetScout and Dove.

Independant Synthets

Independant synthets side with no one in this conflict and they have their reasons for that.

Stahlmann is with the Good synthets, but he isn't technically with them. He's working undercover for Lord Fillium

SynthetSoldier left the Good synthets because he thought he was letting them down. 

SynthetSniper fights for money, not for cause. Thus, he's just doing contracts like a regular mercenary. 
Independant synthets

Independant synthets. Left: Stahlmann. Center: SynthetSoldier. Right: SynthetSniper.

Evil Synthets

Evil synthets are the ones that are trying to conquer the Freak World and rebuild it in their own image. Lead by the first synthet to ever enter the Freak World, SynthetMedic. He's also the creator of the most other synthets.

Evil synthets

Evil Synthets. Left: Pinpoint and OutlawSoldier. Center: SynthetMedic. Right: Cold Killer and Synthesia.

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