Creator Hellman aka UselessTeam
Creation 16.09.2013
Debut Synthets Finale Part 1
Type Synthet
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Positive
Fighting style Short Range
Abilities Teleportation
Synthetic Spells
Infrared Visor
No downsides on Baby Face's Blaster
Weaknesses Must get up close to deal damage
Weak like a normal scout
Status Alive
Occupation Synthez Warrior
Superiors SynthetSoldier
Subordinates SynthetDemo
Enemies SynthetMedic
All of SynthetMedic's allies
SynthetScout (or Gamma600G - "Positive" as his real name is) is a BLK Scout TF2 Freak co-created by two YouTube users, Maximus4587 and Hellman aka UselessTeam.

Appearence and Personality

He is a scout wearing Nanobalaclava, TF2VRH, Breackneck Baggies and Buck Turner All-Stars, all colored A Distinctive Lack of Hue. When he appears without the Nanobalaclava and TF2VRH, he wears Greased Lighting colored Aged Moustache Grey.

He is positive to the core and cocky like a scout. He is also the smartass of the team of Synthez Warriors, so he's trying to keep his cool often.

Abilities and Powers

His Baby Face's Blaster is made specifically without downsides. No speed reduction, no clip reduction, only upsides remain.

His TF2VRH acts like an Infrared Visor, allowing him to see through walls.

Like all synthets, he is able to teleport.

He has a set of three Synthet spells at his disposal:

Cloak of Fear - Renders his attacks unblockable for a short amount of time.

Data Surge - For a small duration, he is unable to run out of ammo.

Incosistent Reality - Fires a special shot that is stunning his target and is deals more damage if it's a meatshot.

Weaknesses and Downfalls

He is quite overpositive, meaning he will try to find good sides in all things, even when running out of ammo. This can get him in trouble.

He is as fragile as a normal scout, he behaves like one often, so it is pretty obvious.

He must always be close to his target to shoot him, to deal additional damage with all of his weapons.

Notable Videos

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