Demolitions expert
Creator Maximus4587
Hellman AKA UselessTeam
Creation 16/09/2013.
Debut Synthets Finale Part 1
Type Synthet
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Talkative
Fighting style All Ranges
Abilities Immunity to Sound Attacks
Synthetic Spells
Weaknesses Vulnerable as a Demoman
Not immune to his own explosives
Status Alive
Occupation Demolitions Master
Superiors SynthetSoldier and SynthetG
Allies SynthetScout
Enemies SynthetMedic

"Boom!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!"

— SynthetDemo, when his EMP Demo Trap triggers and explodes.

SynthetDemo (Beta900D - "Demolitions Expert") is a BLK TF2 Freak co-created by Hellman AKA UselessTeam and Maximus4587.


He is one the three (The others being SynthetScout and SynthetHeavy) that were created by SynthetMedic when SynthetSoldier abandoned him. Then, as all three of them were reprogrammed, he became a warrior at SynthetSoldier's side along with his two comrades.

The trio was never separated from each other. They were BFFs. But after Stahlmann killed SynthetHeavy, everything has changed. He started to be a lot more protective and less careless. He couldn't bare losing his second best friend.

After SynthetScout was wounded almost to the point of death, he was the most worried and panicked one.

Appearence and Personality

He appears as a BLK Demo wearing the Scotch Bonnet, the Unforgiven Glory from the Workshop and 2 parts of the Welded Warrior set from the Workshop. He uses the Loose Cannon and the Eyelander.

He is usually talkative, and is also friendly and sociable. His expertise in explosive weaponry makes him ideal for demolition jobs. But, after SynthetHeavy's death, he became a lot more careful and protective of his last remaining best friend, SynthetScout.

Powers and Abilities

SynthetDemo is immune to any sort of sound attack, if freaks like GAYPENlS or Crazy Machine try to use their Ear Rape or Hypersonic Scream on him, it will not harm SynthetDemo.

Like all Synthets, (except SynthetG), he can teleport to any range.

He has three synthetic spells at his disposal:

Self Repair allows him to slowly heal himself out of combat. Good for running away, terrible for engaging as it will deactivate when he enters combat.

Demo Trap places a hidden EMP trap that deals electric damage and deactivates anything running on electricity upon exploding.

Frenzy gives his Eyelander an ability to lifesteal and attack multiple enemies at once. The full damage applies only to the main target, others receive decreased damage, but lifesteal applies on them as well.

Faults and Weaknesses

SynthetDemo wasn't built with an immunity to his own explosives, so if anyone can reflect his own explosives back at him, they will deal severe damage to him.

He is not very durable as a demoman, so stronger classes can take advantage of that, however, they should be wary of EMP Demo Traps he could possibly have wired the combat area with.


He is homosexual.

His Infobox picture and his nickname are a reference to General Rodall Juhziz and his quote: "Demolitions Expert. How can I help you?"

Notable Videos

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