Super Scout
Super scout
Creator Dr. Lazlo
Creation May 14th, 2014 (concept)
Type Superhuman
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Cocky
Fighting style Any
Abilities Elements of Fire and Ice
Psychic powers
Status Active
Occupation Leader
Enemies Dark Scout

Super Scout is a RED Scout Freak conceptualized by Dr. Lazlo.


From a young age, this particular Scout has always enjoyed reading comic books, and thought that the heroes inside those pages should be real. Never did he think he'd join their ranks. As a teenager, he had a particular interest in The Flash, even desiring for a lightning bolt to strike him. He waited years for the event to happen. He got his wish. 

Since then, he's become a "vigilante" superhero, his only known opposition being his dark doppelganger.

Appearance and Personality

Super Scout's clothing is mostly comprised of red, black and gold, with his belt buckle bearing the initials "SS". His only cosmetic items are the Bonk Boy and the Bonk Boots.

Powers and Abilities

Being a superhuman, it's easy to expect him to be in higher levels of fitness and agility, but he does have his own powers:

  • Fireballs (self explanatory)
  • Freeze blast (hurtles a ball of ice that incapacitates a target)
  • Mind control
  • Telekinesis (Life Steal, Lightning, Force Push)
  • Super jumping and super speed.


  • The skin used for him is El Taco's "Super Scout ", hence the name.
  • His powers are inspired by the powers that The Boss/President gains in Saints Row IV.
  • He displays more Flash imagery than a regular Scout, even having a Flash-inspired backstory.
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