Super "Bad" Soldier
Super "Bad" Soldier
Creator Peep66
Creation March 12, 2017
Debut Pending
Type Human
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Rude
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Poor Fighting Skills
Laser eyes
Weaknesses Low durability
Weaker than Typewriter
Status Repeatedly Dying
Occupation Self-proclaimed "Mini-boss"
Superiors Dr.Pootis Bomb
Subordinates Android Scouts
Enemies Anyone

Super "Bad" Soldier is a idiotic made by Peep66

Appearance and Personality

He Appears as a normal soldier wearing Cross-Comm Crash Helmet and Captain's Cocktails

He believes that he's a robot and a mini-boss in a game and will challenge anyone before they can move forward and fight them with his shovel and laser eyes

Powers and Abilities

  • Laser Eyes: He uses this when he wants to set people on fire
  • He has a self-destination after he's been beaten or weaken to near death.
  • Shovel usage: he owns a magical shovel to fight a close range that also shoots three plant props
  • If this counts as ability he screams non stop when defended until he dies

Faults and Weakness

  • His durability is just a regular ORG Soldier
  • his laser eyes can't burn though Pyros and robots making his weapon useless
  • His attacks are weak and takes 5 hits to even hurt a scout and a lot more for everything else
  • His fighting skills are very poor that even Typewriter can even somehow beat him
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