Creator FP2P
Creation 7th of September, 2018
Type Cyborg
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Calm, obedient
Fighting style Mid range
Abilities Superior fitness to regular Scouts.

Stun Ray.

Two micro Uzis.

Weaknesses Low resistance and endurance.

Freaks with advanced capabilities

Status Alive
Occupation Geek of Freaks for Hire
Superiors Tres Bon
Allies Demoparrot, Hop, Gran Heavy, Tickles

Stunman is a RED Scout TF2 Freak created by FP2P. He is a member of the Freaks for Hire.


Stunman and his big brother used to work as regular RED mercenaries in Turbine as a Scout and a Heavy respectively. As ofter happens, something ocurred that turned both into Freaks. In this case, the Scout, the Heavy and other unfortunate mercenaries were kidnapped by the terrorist PRL organization called the ``Badlands Protectors´´ and used as experiments to create lobotomized Freaks and use them as an army. In the Scout's case, he received technological implants (A visor and a helmet), turning him partially into a cyborg. Luckily, he and his brother managed to escape from the Badlands Protectors base, mostly because of their powers. Over time, they were found by Demoparrot and Tres Bon, who offered them the opportunity to join their team of independent mercenaries, an offer they acceptend, becoming Stunman and Gran Heavy.


Stunman looks like a Scout wearing a Lo-Fi Longwave, an Essential Accesories (Both Team Spirit), a Bolt Boy and a Merc Medal. The last one is also used by the rest of his team.

Personality and Behaviour

Stunman's personality stands out above the rest of the Scouts, being taciturn, acting calmly in most situations, respecting and supporting his team (Especially his brother), and being obedient with his employers and Tres Bon. Of course, specially during the battles, he may show typical aspects of a Scout, like a snarky, immature and overconfident personality.

Powers and Abilities

Due to technological implants, Stunman has a slightly superior strenght, endurance, durability, speed and agility than the regular Scout. His main ability is his Stun Ray, an energy beam that can be shot from the antenna of his helmet. As the name says, the ray stuns the enemy (The effect is relative to the person's abilities.) for a short period of time, allowing Stunman to take him down more easily. Apart from the Stun Ray, he uses two micro Uzis that, like Tres Bon and Hop's weapons, are modified to cause more damage and be more effective against powerful threats.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Despite having only a few robotic implants, he is still kind of vulnerable to EMP, electricity and magnets.
  • Even though he has advanced human fitness, is just a little bit superior than the average Scout one, making him one of the most fragile members of the team.
  • The Stun Ray effect is not constant, so Freaks with superior capabilities are really resistant to this one.
  • Also, the Stun Ray needs time to recharge between shot and shot, leaving Stunman with only his two micro Uzis to defend himself.
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