Stryker "Montauk"
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Creator SpyCrabington654
Creation 22.04.2020
Debut Never coming out...
Type Cyborg
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Relentless
Cocky(at times)
Mute(half of time)
Fighting style Long Range
Abilities Cybernetic Enhancements
  • Built-in super computer
  • Nanomachines
  • Superhuman condition
  • Hacking Devices
  • "Overcharge"
  • Mind Control Immunity

Advanced Arsenal
Hacking Immunity

Weaknesses E.M.P
Recharge of nanomachines
Status Alive
Occupation P.I.A's spy and scout
Superiors P.I.A directors
Subordinates Standart soldiers
Allies Hastur
Sky Breaker
Old Gun
Jacob Anderson
Enemies Evil Metahumans

Project "OMS-03", or commonly reffered as Stryker "Montauk" or Stryker for short, is a RED Sniper, created by SpyCrabington654.


Stryker "Montauk" is a RED Sniper, that wears Wagga Wagga Wear, Bare Necessities (painted Aged Moustache Gray), Graybanns (painted Idubitably Green), Marksman's Mohair (painted Aged Moustache Gray) and Bruiser's Bandana (Clear). He carries a pair of laser pistols and modified type-changing laser rifle with him.


Like many hero stories, Stryker's story began with a tragedy. Once a regular soldier, he was sent to Iraq as American side of the conflict in 2008. During one of anti-terroristic operation, his team was caught in an ambush. The fight was cruel and harsh, and many did not live to see another day. Such could happen to Stryker himself, as he was almost burned alive, lost an arm and was the only survivor on the battlefield. Beaten up, exhauted and on death's door, he was ready to meet his end. But the fate said otherwise. One of P.I.A's secret operatives, that was documenting the operation, came across Stryker's still breathing body while the agent was counting losses. Understanding that the soldier could die any moment, agent made his best to save a wounded man: he used one of P.I.A's teleporting devices to bring him to organisation's nearby base. After a quick look on Stryker's injuries, medical workers of the facility agreed to help a man in need by performing experimental medical procedure. His body was infested with millions of nanomachines, his skeleton was armored up with special alloy and his mind was submerged with a super computer, resulting in creation of Organo-Mechanic Symbiote 03, aka Stryker "Montauk". After reanimation, Stryker was then transported to P.I.A training center for metahumans, where he continued his recovery and getting used to his new body. Of course, directors saw this as a possibility to get a new operative into their ranks. So they gave "Montauk" a choise: either he goes home, but becomes a run-away experiment (and P.I.A doesn't like having those), or stays in organisation. Stryker, although enraged by such an offer but understanding his position, agreed on that term. So began "Montauk"s long work for P.I.A. Though he had many problems with the directors over different things in life, Stryker eventually got used to being organisation's spy and field operative and essentially became one of P.I.A's most valuable agents. No matter what he thinks of people in command, Stryker "Montauk" will restlessly continue his job to ensure that his robotic powers don't go in vain and the world is safe from all kinds of danger, from terrorists to hellspawns.

Personality and Behavior

As a quote implies, Stryker "Montauk" has a character of a real professional: he's calm, cold-blooded, determined and a bit arrogant. Plus, because of his background as a soldier, he is smart, has a strong will, can think on a run and plan his next move, predicting any risk that comes next. Being cyborg, he also relentless and cannot sit without any job to do.

Power and Abilities

As a combat/spy-type cyborg, Stryker "Montauk" posseses a big array of abilities and gadgets, granted by technological progress:

  • Built-in super computer - To ensure correct work of millions or even billions of nanomachines, Stryker's brain was combined with a small super computer with a connection to P.I.A's data banks and radio freqencies, creation of routes and simulations of both sutiations and its outcomes. Due to implantation of such a tricky and incredible piece of machinery, Stryker also has an access to Internet and can safely search anything there. Plus, this computer is required to activate and disactivate hacking device and "Overcharge" function.
  • Nanomachines - As already mentioned, these swarms of microscopic robots are what keeps Stryker's "Montauk" alive. In their passive state, not only do they make sure he doesn't die, they actually accelerate his healing factor, repairing heavy burns, gun-shot and melee wounds, different types of poisonings and even exposure to radiation. In active state, however, they activate "Overcharge" mode.
  • Superhuman condition - thanks to the armored endoskeleton and bio-implants, Stryker's physical condition is many heads above human limits. He can easily lift cars, run on a speed of 50-60 miles per hour, punch through concrete walls, tank a shoot to the head from heavy sniper rifle and other stuff.
  • Hacking devices - Stryker "Montauk" can hack into many systems of different security levels via his fully mechanical arm.
  • "Overcharge" - as said before, if required,he can turn up nanomachines active mode called "Overcharge". It boosts all parametres of Stryker's body 5x times and turns his skin into metallic grey, meaning addional defence.
  • Mind-control Immunity - as a cyborg, Stryker can block enemy waves and frequencies, resulting in complete defence from telephaty.
  • Advanced Arsenal - Stryker "Montauk" has an access to P.I.A's special arsenal, that consist of laser weaponry of different models, techonology of work and caliber, from small, compact pistols to gatling laser and nuclear plasma launcer. As for every day utility, he carries heavy laser rifle, that can change from assault to sniper mode and back, two pistols as additional weapons, laser machete, two frag grenades, a smoke and flashbang grenades, a grapling hook and sleeping darts. Also, his glass are actually visors and detectors of differnt type (ranging from X-ray to Geiger's detector and even Richter's detector), and they're connected to his computer, showing "Montauk" everything that his "brain-buddy" made up.
  • Hacking Immunity - being only partially machine, he cannot be hacked via any means.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • E.M.P - Although they do not fully diactivate all inside machines, E.M.P generators and freaks with electricity or lightning manipulation can easily depower Stryker to his human limits.
  • Overconfidence - Despite that Stryker follows his phrase almost religiously, at times he can become overconfident, beliving nothing in this world can kill him. That may put him into trouble, that he cannot comprehend.
  • Recharge of nanomachines - after "Overcharge", nanobots rapidly return to their passive state, leaving "Montauk" weakened and open for enemy attacks.


  • Funnily enough, the idea of creating this character came to me when I was bored and was making sets of cosmetics in, where I first created his design. Only after that, I started to work around his story and other stuff.
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