Creator Dr.mysterio
Creation 9/28/18
Type Meta-human
Alignment lawful neutral
Attitude Commanding

Depressed(occasionally) clever

Fighting style Any range
Abilities hidden arsenal

Enhanced fitness resourcefulness

Weaknesses Lacking destructive power


Status Alive
Occupation leader
Subordinates Precision


Allies Blink(sometimes)
Enemies evil freaks that cause a disruption to order in society
Stryder is a RED spy concept created by wiki user Dr.mysterio

Real name:william braun

His main theme:Call of duty 4: modern warfare OST-main theme  

His battle theme:Black ops 2 adrenaline  


kidnapped at a very young age by a group of mercenaries of a secret organization called brotherhood of evolution bent on evolving humanity, their leader decided to have william (the freak's former name) to volunteer for their genetic and mutation program known for taking more lives than any other experiment in the group's history, after years of harsh conditions william miraculousy survived the procedure, surprised by this he was subjected to immediate tactical and weapons training, after years of self-determination and hard work he rapidly rose through the ranks of his colleagues which would make a title for himself, after some few years serving with his team william would ultimately retire just before he left he was reminded of the new codename his friends had given to him in the past there on he would adopt stryder as his new identity.


After his departure stryder originally set out to be a freelance freak hunter while on the move he encountered a mischievous opponent named Blink after a long difficult altercation Stryder proved victorious and ended up befriending him stryder had offered the freak a position but the latter declined and stated he would only do it when he feels like it, there on he figured the work he had begun would become more difficult over time so he decided to bring in two more recruits.


Stryder is a regular RED spy wearing the spy's eye patch, and a hat to kill for.

Personality and behavior

Stryder usually acts with with a reserved and composed attitude most of the time while either planning or doing research, after his time of service with the group he has developed a strong rememberence of the harshness that was directed towards him by his superiors which has led him to have flash backs of cruel past which occasionally affects him to having bursts of rage usually taking it out on his fellow men. Due to gaining some friends of his own he has a very controlling demeanor always wanting the very best and utmost loyalty in return for his hospitality.

Powers and abilities

Stryder is an expert of hiding a vast amount of weapory and other equipment of all kinds and sizes within his clothing but his handling of weapons are only slighty better than average. his physical prowess are pushed beyond that of a regular merc thanks to the genetic experiments carried out in the past, allowing him to jump to impressive heights, carry objects many times his own size, break considerably durable materials,overpower regular beings with little effort and his durability helps him survive sharp to blunt trauma and other fatal injuries to near superhuman levels.

Stryder also boasts an impressive ingenuitive mind able to devise clever plans depending on the situation hes in.

despite his burden slowing him down he actually becomes much more faster as he uses up his arsenal, essentially making him very dangerous the longer one fights him.


Faults and weaknesses

  •  his weapons lack the necessary firepower needed to combat high rank freaks.(though he is still more than capable of defending himself from them).
  • he is still suspectible to special abilities.
  • he is a poor hand to hand combatant so melee preferring freaks are able to outmatch him with little trouble.
  • he is somewhat overconfident.
  • his flash backs can hinder his ability to focus in or out of combat.


  • the creator originally was going to categorize stryder as a lightning bruiser but thought it was a bad idea due to the category's high sensitivity.
  • his ability to hide an enormous arsenal on his person was directly based off from munakata kei.
  • twin katanas
  • knife storm
  • Roped knifes
  • Sledgehammers
  • Rifle and smg
  • Akimbo tommy guns
  • Flamethrower
  • Rocket launcher