Striker the frickin' cyborg
Creator KingCobra7
Creation December 27, 2019
Debut Operation: Landfall
Type Cyborg
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Jovial, but short-tempered
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Cybernetic enhancements
Super reflexes
Baby Face's Blaster/Sniper
Wrist flamethrowers
Supercharged mode
Weaknesses EMPs
Subconscious reminder of past
Status Alive
Occupation Mercenary
Superiors RED Soldier†
Allies Grazer
RED team
Enemies Commander Black

Striker is a RED bionic Scout TF2 Freak concept made by YouTube user KingCobra7.

His theme is Bring It! from Red Alert 3.

His supercharged mode theme is Flesh & Metal (w/ build up) from DOOM (2016).


Many years ago, Striker was once an ordinary boy who was the son of the wealthiest and most skilled Spy of the RED team. He lived with his father in his chateau, along with his mother and his sister.

One tragic day, a group of BLU mercenaries tracked down his father's house and attacked it, with the assault being lead by Commander Black (as a normal Soldier) and his right-hand man (as a normal Pyro). Striker's father immediately sent a distress signal to his RED teammates. He then grabbed his weapons and tried to fight off the mercenaries, but in the end, was no match for them, and met his demise at the hands of Black himself.

Meanwhile, Striker and his sister hid in a closet while their mother hid in the bathroom. The mercenaries eventually found their mother and ordered her to surrender. She refused and eventually was shot. Striker's sister panicked at the sight of this, alerting the BLU mercenaries of their location. However, before they could capture them, the RED team appeared and fought off the BLU mercenaries, with only Black and his bodyguard escaping alive. The RED Soldier leading the assault, who also happened to be a friend of Striker's father, noticed that the parents were killed, and decided to raise Striker and his sister as his own children.

For many years, he took care of them and eventually trained them to become formidable mercenaries working for RED. Sometime during their employment, they met Grazer and became friends with him. One day, they all went on a mission to reclaim cp_freight_final1, which had been overrun by BLU. The Soldier encountered Commander Black and engaged in a deadly fight with him while the rest of the team fought off the BLU mercenaries. Striker suddenly got incapacitated by a BLU Heavy, and screamed for help, distracting the Soldier. Suddenly, his sister arrived and saved him. The Soldier was pleased, but then Black immediately took the opportunity to stab his heart while he was off guard. He then ordered a retreat, as the BLU team was being overpowered.

Striker mourned over the death of his adopted father and swore he would avenge him, no matter the cost.

Some months later, he was deployed into ctf_2fort along with his sister and a group of mercenaries to recover the BLU team's intelligence. He and his sister lead the charge, and rampaged through the battlefield, killing any BLU mercenary in their way. They eventually made it to the intel room. Striker contacted the team's leader to tell him they succeeded, but over his earpiece he heard screaming and gunfire. Worried, he ran back outside to find Pyreaper and Soltron massacring the remaining RED and BLU team members.

Striker fired at Soltron with his gun, only to deal no damage and to get the robotic mercenary's attention. Soltron prepared to fire at Striker when suddenly, his sister appeared and saved his life, at the cost of her own. Enraged to see his sister dead, Striker ran and tried to fight Soltron with his bat, but ended up getting wounded and tossed onto 2fort's bridge.

Seeing how pathetic Striker was, Pyreaper decided to finish him off. He picked up a shotgun and approached him. He was about to shoot him in the head, but reconsidered and decided he needed a slower death. He then shot Striker's limbs, rendering him unable to move. He then ordered Soltron to burn the bridge with his laser vision. The malevolent wraith then left and took the bodies of the mercenaries with him, with Soltron to follow.

Meanwhile on the bridge, Striker sat there in pain and watched as the fire spread closer and closer towards him. Unable to move, he figured it was all over for him and began to black out. The last thing he saw before fainting was Soldierai unexpectedly appearing in front of him.

Striker awoke in a hospital only to find out that his limbs were replaced with robotic contraptions. He turned to see Grazer standing next to him, who told him everything. Happy to be alive, but unhappy that his sister was gone, Striker embraced his friend and said what happened. Grazer was then saddened to hear about the death of his friend's sister.

Eventually, after getting over it, being trained, and getting used to his limbs, Striker was then sent on his first mission into ctf_landfall, where the BLU team was hiding blueprints for a currently unknown machine. He successfully defeated the BLU team and retrieved the briefcase.

He then returned it to Grazer, who ordered the other RED Engineers to start working on the machine. Striker suddenly had a flashback about his past and became depressed, but was comforted by his friend.

Afterward, he began travelling around the TF2 Freak World, in search of something interesting to do, when he suddenly came across Ass Pancakes about to execute Soldierai. Immediately, he jumped in and saved the samurai's life. Together, they defeated Ass Pancakes, causing him to retreat. Soldierai then thanked Striker for helping him. The Scout then turned to leave, but suddenly realized that this Soldier he saved was the same Soldier who saved him from being burned alive. When he turned to ask him, he had already left. Disoriented, Striker returned to base.

Appearance and Personality

Striker appears as a RED Scout who wears Deus Specs, the Flak Jack, Transparent Trousers, Orion's Belt, Forest Footwear, and Spooky Sleeves (with both sleeves being long and without the hood). He carries a Baby Face's Blaster on his back. His sleeves and trousers conceal his robotic limbs.

Striker is normally a kind individual who is friendly with anyone he comes across, as long as they do not show any aggression towards him. He loyally works with his fellow RED mercenaries and does what he can to assist them. Especially Grazer, who is the closest thing he has to a brother, and the only living special person in his life.

He is employed by the RED team and is tasked with doing operations that no regular mercenary is able to solve. He is focused, always sticks to the task, and rarely ever fails. When not doing missions, he often wanders around the TF2 Freak World, hunting evil freaks or seeking others in need of help.

Despite his gentle exterior, Striker happens to have an extremely violent side which he has had ever since his sister's death. If he is mocked about his past by his opponent, he will likely reveal his violent side and will change into a merciless, violent, enraged person. He will then proceed to take down his provoker with maximum effort, showing no mercy. He is also prone to berating them with the most offensive insults possible.

Powers and Abilities

  • Striker's Baby Face's Sniper.
  • Striker's wrist flamethrowers.
  • Striker's "supercharged mode".

Striker possesses bionic arms and legs, which make him physically stronger, faster, tougher, and more flexible than a normal Scout. He is capable of performing evasive maneuvers to dodge oncoming gunfire. He has the strength of a Heavy, as his punches and kicks can deal moderate damage and may fracture the target's bones.

In his wrists, he has built-in flamethrowers, capable of incinerating enemies at close range. They are partially stronger than common flamethrowers used by Pyros.

His preferred weapon is a Baby Face's Blaster, which, thanks to Grazer's modifications, can also transform into a Baby Face's Sniper for picking off targets at long range.

Striker also wields a Conventional, which includes a suppressor which he may attach onto it for stealth purposes.

His most powerful ability is his temporary "supercharged mode". When he comes into contact with high amounts of electricity, he will enter this powerful state, which will heavily increase all his stats. This allows him to stand toe-to-toe with high-rank freaks.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • As a cyborg, Striker is vulnerable to EMPs and magnets.
  • A subconscious reminder of Striker's past may provoke him, causing him to become enraged. This makes him easy to outsmart.
  • His wrist flamethrowers cannot affect any fireproof individuals such as Pyros.


  • Striker's creator originally had an idea of making him a space-themed bounty hunter, but he was then changed to his robotic self, as this version had an easier origin story to create.

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