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"Erectin' a statue of a moron."

Stitch undergoes active development by the creator and as such is subject to change.
Creator MrShyguy999
Creation 12/13/2015
Type Doll
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Ice Casing
Status Active
Enemies Naughty People

Stitch is a BLU Spy TF2 Freak doll created by YouTube users MrShyguy999, and BurgerLord with help from Wikia user Icy guy2.


Stitch wears the Scarecrow, the Bountiful Bow, the Bozo's Brogues, and the Holiday Headcase.

Stitch can disguise as Santa. His Santa disguise wears the All-Father, B.M.O.C., and the Snow Sleeve's.

Stitch's Santa Disguise.

Behavior and Personality

Stitch is just a doll, meaning he can show no emotions. He never makes any sounds except for the sound of tearing fabric when someone rips his arm off.

Stitch is like Santa during Christmas, but with a twist. He'll reward the good, and the reward depends on how nice they are. (example: someone thats moderately nice: a gibus. If someone is always nice, like Polite Spy, they get an unusual.) But, the naughty people are cased in ice thats in the position that they were currently in, and then kidnapped, to later be butchered.

But, if someone is to strong to get frozen in a case of ice, he takes matter into his own hands and kills them on the spot with a festive knife.

When its not christmas, Stitch acts like a normal murderer, killing naughty and nice.

Powers and Abilities

  • Stitch has the abilities to case limb's and body parts in cases of ice. If he freezes someones head, the victim is still alive, their head would just be in a case of ice. He usually freezes peoples legs so he they cant run away.
  • Stitch has a festive knife that is able to cut through ice.
  • Stitch has the abilities to teleport to naughty and nice people during Christmas.
  • If someone rips Stitch's arm off, he is able to reattach it if he gets it back.
  • Stitch has stock spy abilities, but his disguise kit can only let him disguise as Santa to lure people into false security.


  • Stitch's power's don't work on freaks that can break through his cases of ice or can melt them.
  • Stitch's ice powers don't work in hot places.
  • Stitch's limbs can easily be ripped or cut off by someone with enough strength or if they have a sharp object.
  • Stitch, being a doll, can easily be thrown around since he's light.
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